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Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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"What the fuck do you mean she is gone?" I ask, fury surely raging across my features as I try to stare down Babette Delacour.

"Apparently, she found you more hideous than I do, Greyback," the bitch replies with a smirk and it takes all my willpower to not tear her throat out.

I want to yell, to kill, to destroy. I can't believe the bitch lost Celeste and now after months of doing Babette's bidding and making myself subservient to her, I am back to square one.

"I did everything you asked. I subjugated Bill Weasley and made him my bitch so you would have your revenge and I get nothing?" I bellow loudly, clenching my hands into fists.

Babette seems irritatingly calm and I can't even smell a hint of fear upon her. I can't believe how composed she remains as I rage. I live off the fear and trepidation of others when they are in my presence but this damnable woman doesn't even give me the simple pleasure of a hitch in her breathing when my fury peaks.

"I am not Celeste's keeper. It is unfortunate that she escaped and that was not my intention but this is the second time she has chosen to run rather than be with you. You should get the hint." Babette snickers and I feel my anger rise to a new level. "But I will pay you good money for your efforts with Weasley and your loss."

"I don't want money. I want Celeste," I hiss through gritted teeth.

"I cannot do that, Fenrir. Besides, I have probably saved you years of heartache. Forget her and move on because I have found out tonight that she is nothing but a two timing whore," Babette comments and I sense a slight change in her voice as her own anger seeps through her calm resolve.

"What the fuck do you mean, woman?" I snap back.

"She was in bed with a close associate of mine when I caught her. She had been sleeping with him for a year, Greyback," she announces before she turns away and walks over to a small table. She picks up a decanter and pours herself a drink. After taking a sip of her drink, she adds, "I had hoped to hand her to you and rid myself of two problems...a whore and your damn nattering over Celeste."

"Where is this man?" I ask menacingly while rolling my neck to loosen the tension in the muscles.

"He is mine, Fenrir and I have taken care of him. He will not bother women again," she replies sharply.

"Then what the fuck do I get out of this, Delacour?" I inquire impatiently.

"I told you that you would get gold, Fenrir," Babette responds.

"That will not be enough. I want you to tell me where Celeste is now," I growl as my impatience builds.

I can feel the tension in my muscles and I wish I could turn now so I could kill this miserable bitch and take what is rightfully mine. It should be me who rules the Clans with Celeste by my side. I would be master of this world instead of begging table scraps from Delacour.

"I cannot tell you, Greyback. I believe she will go to the Veela villages but there are so many that I do not know which one she may try to hide in. Unless…her last assignment was Hogwarts…" Babette ponders while she sits delicately on her sofa facing the fireplace.

"School? Celeste in a school? That's the first funny thing you've said tonight, Delacour. You know as well as I do that she abhors children. She wouldn't go near a child when I took her to the villages when she was mine," I bark sharply before I laugh.

"She performed the assignment capably but she did come home immediately when I summoned her," Babette answers.

She sips her drink and I begin to pace back and forth, my frustration now flowing freely through me as my fury begins to glow white hot. I can't believe I was so close to having my mate returned to me and now she is lost to me again. I will need to spend months searching for her in the forests of France but I vow that once more she will be mine.

"I do not care if she performed the assignment well. I want my reward," I repeat for the hundredth time.

"Apparently, you are as denser than I thought, Greyback. I will spell it out for you plainly. Celeste is not here. I have offered you money as satisfaction for the error that has been committed in losing your prize," Babette replies as she leans back against the cushions of the sofa.

"I have had enough of your abuse, bitch," I say in a low, dangerous tone. Delacour peers at me under hooded eyes as I turn to face her before I add, "I'm through groveling and now I'm going to take what's rightfully mine. Our association is finished."

"What makes you think I will not kill you?" she asks plainly and I see her motion to her guards again.

"Two reasons…first is your damnable guest rules you Clan folk follow and second, I have Bill Weasley and if you kill me, then your plan to destroy him will be incomplete," I say almost flippantly while I feel the presence of her guards around me. Smiling a toothy grin, I continue, "But I will finish the job with Weasley. There is a perverse pleasure in subjugating one of your children who detests you so much."

Delacour laughs at my comment and signals to the guards. I glance warily at each of them while I spread my legs slightly to allow me better balance. Yet neither of them advance on me and I relax while I hear Babette say, "That is one goal that you and I both share, Greyback. There would be no sweeter sight than my eldest daughter's love interest dead. You have my permission to leave safely so that you may complete ruining the son-of-a-bitch."

"I want to see Weasley dead at my feet, Delacour," I comment earnestly after she lets me go.

"That is what we both want." She smiles before I pivot to leave.

"Weasley is not the only one I want dead," I whisper lowly as I walk out of the room. There would be nothing better that tearing out Babette's entrails and watching her die slowly. That would be my dream and the thought brings a grin to my face as I make my way down the corridor.

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I didn’t mean to tear his throat out. I should feel regret. He was only twenty and one day he might have led this pack. He was young and powerful but he made the mistake of challenging me and I cannot have anyone in my pack who threatens me or my authority. I must rule supreme even if I have to kill them all.

The rest of my followers stare malevolently at me but they stay well away from the small circle where I tore the life out of Daniel. My eyes flicker back and forth, surveying the gathered, wondering if any of them will try to challenge me in my weakened state. But none of the cowards will meet my eyes and they each stare downward when I glare at them, a sign of submission among our kind.

My place in the pack is safe for another night and now, I find that I am just tired and I want this to end. But there is more to this ritual that must be completed. Tossing Daniel’s limp body to the ground, I feel my arms grow weary. The taste of copper and iron course down my throat as I suddenly realize his blood is upon my lips. I relish in the tangy flavor and I am suddenly alive again as I know that I rule supreme once more.

I tear off the tattered remains of my shirt as I gaze in macabre fascination at the many cuts on his body but it is his throat that captures my attention as I watch an ever widening pool of blood stain the trampled grass we fought upon.

Stepping out of the small circle, I bring my eyes up again to lock my gaze with each member of my pack. Once more, they submit and I watch as two young females with wash clothes in hand walk over until they stand next to me. Each of them bows their head before I allow them to begin cleaning my body. The coarse material stings me as each of them run their towels over my chest, paying particular attention to the deep gouges that Daniel gave me when I lifted him off the ground to bring my teeth to find the pulse point in his throat.

The water feels astringent on my skin but I cannot show the intense pain I feel. I do not wince or cry out, instead I bring my hand down and slap the whore in front of me who has hurt me. Her eyes well up but she returns to her task, being much more careful this time.

“Watch yourself, bitch,” I growl quietly.

“Yes sir,” she replies, her eyes still tearing as she lifts her oval face and I notice how beautiful the newest member of my pack truly is.

But yet, this nameless slut is still not Celeste, the woman who I know is destined to be my mate. If it had not been for that whore, Babette, Celeste would have been mine. The way she acted when had sex…so animalistic, so primal…and I know we are perfect together. Her blue eyes always stared at me in admiration as I moved inside her cunt, her legs wrapped around me as she begged me to fuck her.

A small hand on my groin brings me back to this reality. I realize that the next part of the ritual has begun and when I look down, I see the two women on their knees in front of me, the blond whore on the right shoving her hand into my trousers and pulling out my enormous cock.

My trousers fall to my knees and my dick springs free. I gaze hungrily at the two bitches in front of me and when I see the brunette pull away slightly in revulsion, I know what I need to do now. My hands fist in her short brown hair and I force her mouth over my cock, stretching her lips over the engorged head. I buck my hips forward and hear her gag as my erection slides down her throat. When I feel her nose in my pubic hair, I tighten my fingers in her hair and hiss, “I’ll fucking kill you if you bite me.”

I release her hair and she nods around my cock, her brown hair bobbing again as I reach down and grab her small tits through her tank top. My large fingers tear the material open and she whimpers when I take hold of her erect nipples and twist them harshly. She pulls away from my cock and cries out, “Please stop…that hurts.”

My fury peaks and I cuff her across the jaw and watch her fall to the ground before I turn to the blonde and curl a finger, beckoning her to me. She crawls over and I swing my hips, bringing my cock to slap against her cheek. But I’m impressed when she doesn’t shirk away and instead stares at me longingly with her intense blue eyes as she removes her shirt, freeing her firm breasts. She crouches then so she can remove her skirt before she kneels and takes my dick eagerly into her mouth and begins to suckle on it.

“Beautiful, whore,” I say through gritted teeth as I watch her cheeks hollow. She reminds me of Celeste, her blonde hair brushing against my skin as she moves rhythmically along my length. Even though I see the lust, the desire in her eyes, I realize that she just wants me to name her my alpha bitch but there will never anyone who can challenge my Celeste.

It will be Celeste who bears my cubs when Delacour gives her to me. I only agreed to her inane request to seduce the pathetic Bill Weasley because I want Celeste back to me to finally allow our love to burn. I want her and I will do anything to get her back, even if it means degrading myself. I am a pack leader, the alpha wolf in England but I am willing to act as Delacour’s lackey to once more relish the experience of fucking Celeste Bertrand into the bed.

A tongue dragging along the base of my cock surprises me and when I look down, I’m happy to see the brunette who I hit has returned to me as a good slut should. I pull the blonde away from my dick before I allow the brunette to begin to worship my erection once more.

I begin to thrust my hips forward as I stare at the rest of my pack, the males beginning to circle us as the scent of our excitement becomes too much. But they know not to interfere. Every bitch in the pack is mine unless I let them have her…and I guard that right jealously.

Grasping the side of the brunette’s head, I begin to fuck her mouth, my cock driving relentlessly between her lips until I feel myself begin to expand. I pull out, taking hold of my dick and pushing my hand forward until I begin to spill upon the brunette, her chest covered in my seed as my erection continues to pulse. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the blond crawl over in front of me and I save the last few spasms of my cock for her.

My knees wobble slightly but I show no weakness as I smirk in satisfaction at my wasted seed marring the skin of the two women subjugating themselves before me. I take in the scent around me and luxuriate in it…death…blood…sex….and lust mix to torment my senses but I know that I must remain calm, showing my iron will control that I keep in order to lead my pack.

When I finally recover, I glance at the whores still kneeling before me and I see in their eyes that each pleads with me to choose them for the night. But I am sated and I know I must begin to save myself for Celeste’s return. So instead, I snarl wickedly at the two women before I turn away and head back toward my cottage while I say, “Take them, men. The sluts are my gift to you for the night.”

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Standing in front of my shrine, I place several pictures of her and a cloth she used to dab her face that I found in a washroom as I followed her. But I am proud of myself for my most recent accomplishment in my pursuit of her. Our relationship has changed and now, I have actually spoken to my goddess.

It was a brief encounter at the Ball but for a moment, her eyes held mine and she knew I existed. Of course, she was prompted when I ‘accidentally’ brushed up against her while she stood waiting for him but she noticed me standing there. I wanted to tell her I love her and to forget the idiot she has chosen to be with now. I wanted to tell her how foolish her choice was and that I would provide her with everything he would never be able to give her.

Her voice is everything I thought it would be…a chorus of angels could not have sounded more beautiful. I can imagine now the first time she tells me she loves me…the first cry of passion she will let out when we make love. Her legs wrapped around my torso as I plunge into her, I can already taste her skin, feel her tighten around me as I give her pleasure that no other man could possible provide her.

Even in our little moment…what I like to call, the beginning of our relationship, I could see that she gave me more than a casual glance and I know she felt the same desire that I have had for her since I first saw her. She looked at me as if I was the only man there. I am sure if I had made my approach, I could have taken her to a balcony or back hall and she would begged for me to make love to her.

But that is not what I want. I need her to choose me over that slovenly bastard she has chosen for herself now. I curse the fact that I did not know her sooner because I know she would be mine. Now, I need to wait and bide my time, hoping for the opportunity to approach her. I will watch her carefully and when the iron is hot, I will take her away from him and she will become MY lover, MY wife, and bear MY children.

She needs to see him through my eyes, he is a self-centered bastard who only has his own needs in mind. I’ve watched him…all he wants is to fuck her every day and force her to produce his offspring. That way he can lay his claim on her and she’ll be bound to him.

He could not possibly love her the way I do and he never will be able to match the care and devotion I will show her.

But then again, she does not love him either. I could see it in the way she looked at me that she wants something more. If she did love him, then why does she spend her life now searching for something better? Why would she allow other men to speak to her? Why does she feel the need to display herself to others? I know…it is because she is looking for the one who will fulfill all her needs instead of this man whom she has given herself to now.

I take hold of a picture and stare at it, imagining that the dazzling smile she gives to him in the picture is directed at me. Silently, I make a vow that when she is mine, she will always smile and bring light to my otherwise dim world. Closing my eyes, I think back to our encounter and find myself slowly melting into the memory.

“Pardon me, Madam.” I said gallantly while I felt the tingle wash over me when our skin touched. I am sure she noticed it also judging from the way her blue eyes lit up when she turned to look at me.

My body begins to simmer, fired by her touch. I wanted to tell then what I feel and how much she has come to mean to me. Her eyes lingered on me for a moment too long and she finally smiled. A soft burst of laughter passed from her lips and every other sound in the room stopped existing as I found myself enraptured once more as I tried to burn her laugh into my memory.

I reached out to steady her but hesitated when she replied, “It is fine. I am sorry I was in your way.”

It was then that I knew I loved her. I couldn’t believe my goddess would apologize to me. This is when I knew that she wanted me. She took the time not only to acknowledge my presence and grace me with her smile but she was contrite as if asking me for my approval….as if she wanted more from me.

I nuzzle the picture against my cheek and set it reverently back into its place. Taking a step back, I stare at my shrine I have built for her. I am pleased that where once there were a few pictures, now an entire wall is covered with her visage. I have captured every moment of her life from the time she awakens to the time she goes to sleep. Of course, I have had to accept the fact that he is present in many of her pictures and it pained me to watch them make love the few times I have been able to capture that moment. But it was worth it to see the fervor in her eyes, the ecstasy crossing her features as her pleasure overwhelmed her.

But still I know I could do better than him and bring her to heights she cannot even dare to dream she will attain. He does not understand her needs and the times I have witnessed them together, he would rather use her body to satisfy himself rather than making sure she has attained her pleasure several times over. This will change when she is mine. I will love her and show her how much she means to me. She will need me like I am a drug and beg me to make love to her….and when she is sated, I will mark her as mine.

Sighing at this wonderful image, I walk over to my easel and begin to paint her once more. I tap the brush against my chin as I stare at my painting. I still have not been able to capture her lips correctly and I will not be able to until I have tasted them and then they will be mine forever. The curves and contours of her body still seem a bit distorted but once I have cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples become erect under my touch…once I have placed my hand between her legs and felt her press against my fingers begging me for more…once I have taken my manhood and plunged it into her, feeling her body climax as we rock together…then she will be mine forever.

“That will be soon, my love,” I whisper as I put the brush down. Her picture smiles at my words and a feeling of joy overwhelms because I know now that she can hear me call to her and in her image’s smile, I feel her love for me.

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My preparations have been completed and now it is time for me to begin to put my plan into action.

I reminisce as I watch her walk down the street, oblivious to all the men adoring her. It is heartening to see that she will not let other men near her, so when she is mine, I will not have to worry about her straying and it is a comforting thought that she will not befriend every man that approaches her.

But it is his fault she is even alone now and I cannot believe that HE treats her this way. He is so cold, callous and does not afford her the love and attention I would give her. He is too wrapped up in his own issues to notice that he is wasting precious time he could spend with her. When I am her lover, these things will change and she will be the most cherished woman in the world.

Since I saw her for the first time, I have known that I would love her forever. She is perfection and I’ve never seen such beauty in my life....a vision, an angel. I knew that no man other than myself would ever be able to treat her with the reverence she deserves in life and I have made it my mission to make her happy or die trying.

It is strange to want her so badly but to have to follow her at a distance. I want nothing more than to walk up to her and begin the process of making her mine. But it will take time for me to win her heart. First, I will need to continue to observe her and her current paramour. I will need to find out their weaknesses and strengths as a couple and then observe each of them separately. Then, I will find a way to become close to her, to ingratiate myself into her life and I will use the weaknesses I find in their relationship to drive a wedge between them. It will not take much, a small chip off the foundation can become a chasm very quickly and if it doesn’t happen right away, I have a lifetime to wait for her.

It will be difficult because I know they love each other...that fact is indisputable but there is a thin line between love and hate. This will become my mantra as I find the flaws that I have already seen and exploit them.

As I allow the woman I love walk to her home, I realize that he is not worthy of her and I will show that to her eventually. Every day I will be a step closer to her and every night I will watch through their window and see what faults I can use to separate them. But I did not realize how hard it would be to see them intimate with one another. The constant sex they have where he touches her in places I should only be allowed to caress is annoying. But it is the fact that he has brainwashed her into believing they are in love when she could do so much better that I find most infuriating.

While I walk back to my current residence, I reflect on how I have seen numerous men approach her and watched how she treats them with indifference. I have made observations and started a journal which will allow me to learn her tendencies, her habits. I will become her perfect man because I will work so hard to become her ideal lover. When my plan comes to fruition, she will terminate her current relationship and during her mourning, I will use what I have learned to make her mine.

Already, I have four albums full of pictures of her and I have only been truly following her for a week. I have tried to avoid taking photos of her with him but that is nearly impossible since they never seem to be apart when I have the time to see her. But even with him there, I do enjoy staring for hours on end at her lovely image smiling at me, speaking to me, begging me to one day save her from him. Still, when I enter my flat, I know that I will remedy this soon.

I pick up my first memento I have come into possession that reminds me of the woman I love. A few weeks ago, the day had grown warm and she was sitting, enjoying tea by herself. I almost approached her then, my impatience nearly overcoming me but I showed enough restraint to stop myself and I was rewarded when she departed. The woman I love left me her sweater and now it is the first piece of my collection holding a cherished place on the small shrine I have built in her honor.

My altar looks so pathetic now. There are several pictures, the sweater, and a napkin with her full lips imprinted upon it. I took this particular souvenir from a bin after she had used it to dab off her lip gloss...the faint smell of cinnamon still on the tissue. But I shake my head, knowing my shrine is just a wretched pittance now and she deserves so much more, but sadly, I have not had enough time to gather what I need to make sure I am worshipping her properly.

But now is not the time for me to worry about the false idols I pray to in her stead. She will be visible in her home in a few hours and I want to be in the proper place to make sure she doesn’t notice me…yet. Smiling, I reflect that it is an arduous task, this falling in love…
Sitting quietly in my room, I reflect on how my life has changed since I went to claim my future wife, Gabrielle Delacour, in England and my subsequent return to Romania as a changed man. No longer do I feel any type of sexual attraction to any person and though I have tried to imagine Gabrielle’s body as I drive into her before she comes on my cock. But no matter what I do, I cannot become aroused.

Of course, I have tried to occupy myself with other things, but the misery of my lack of sexual drive has kept me quite depressed. My family and friends comment that I’m a changed individual and in their eyes, I can see their concern. I just feel listless now, cut adrift and I have lost the desire to do anything.

There has also been the curious buildup within me of tempered feelings for Gabrielle. I loved her at one time, her beauty enticing me as I imagined her bringing me to new heights of rapture. But now, there is vast emptiness inside of me where my lust and lewd thoughts that were especially reserved for Gabrielle have disappeared. I have found myself inevitably drawn every day to the conclusion that I no longer can stand the thought of marrying her anymore. Still, it is the dichotomy of this predicament that bothers me…I know that I love her in my own way but it is overwhelmed by my abhorrence of the girl I once called ‘my Gabrielle’.

My father was not pleased when I asked him for his forgiveness as I was going to cancel my impending nuptials with Gabrielle. He worried about his relationship with Gabrielle’s mother, Babette Delacour, who is the head of the Five Clans and to whom our family is aligned. But he has always wanted me to be happy, so he grudgingly gave in and now I have lost the only woman I will ever love.

Lying back on my bed, I pick up the first of two letters I have penned. Opening it, I run my fingers over the proud crest of our family, one that has ruled Magical Romania for over fifty years. Sighing as my eyes focus on the parchment, I read:

Dear Ms. Delacour,

I regret to inform you that I will not be marrying your daughter, Gabrielle, and I have asked my father to make the subsequent arrangements to terminate the agreement between your family and ours. Although Gabrielle is everything a man could desire, I just do not feel we would be a good match at this time. I apologize once more but I am sure you will not have a problem finding a match for your lovely daughter.


Nicholas Paul Coza

I place the letter in an envelope and dribble candle wax upon it to seal the flap before pressing my signet ring into the wax. I can’t believe that I could have loved her daughter just a few weeks earlier and dreamed of all the sexual enjoyment we would share. Yet, as I pick up the second letter, I realize that this one was even more difficult for me to write and I stare at it incredulously before I read haltingly,

My Dearest Gabrielle,

I loved you at one point in time but something has changed between us. It seems I remember us being content at one point in time during my visit to England although for some reason, the details are hazy, but my memories tell me that slowly I realized that a union between us could not work and I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to marry you. I know you were hesitant to enter into a relationship with me when you came to Romania but I feel with time, I could have changed your mind. But now, it is me who just does not feel the drive to continue to pursue what could have been a glorious love affair. You are beautiful and I am sure you will find someone more suited for you in the near future but unfortunately, that someone is not me.

With Deepest Apologies,

Nicholas Paul Coza

My hand hesitates when I put the letter into the envelope and seal it. Walking over to the window, I stroke the feathers of my great horned owl, Ravager, and tie the letters to his leg before he sets off to deliver each. I watch him gain altitude until he disappears into the sullen grey skies of the Romania I love so dearly.

I realize now that the deed is done and my impending marriage to Gabrielle is cancelled. But there is one more act for me to complete and I have been in negotiations for a week since I was first approached. Now, I have found a way not to sully my family’s proud name while I allow my soul which has been tormented over the past two weeks to rest.

My door opens and a hulking man dressed in a black overcoat looks in on me before entering. His glare is contemptuous as he stares at me but I realize I deserve any hate he has for me since I have confessed to over forty four rapes in the past year of assorted women. I am a monster but the Romanian Magical Police have allowed me to disappear to one of their hidden prisons without even my father knowing if I agreed to not being tried. I will be kept there for the rest of my life, payment for my heinous crimes and still that is probably not enough of a punishment.

Another man enters the room and takes my arm before he binds me magically. The first man places a Portkey on the floor before activating it. I take in one final glance around my room, realizing that this will be the last glimpse I will ever have of the home I grew up in and a wave of regret washes over me for my actions. I do not truly care about the women I have hurt during my rampage. Instead, I regret that my father will never know where I have gone, nor will I be able to uphold the family’s long standing tradition of ruling Wizarding Romania.

Still, it is time and I try to remain strong, as all Coza’s have been over the centuries, standing true in the face of adversity. But as I touch the Portkey, oddly enough, my thoughts are not of home and hearth but once more of her and while I feel the familiar tug at my navel, I whisper quietly, “Goodbye, Gabrielle Delacour.”
Nicholas has been surprisingly simple to work with over the past few weeks. At first, I thought that his mind was simply too demented and warped to make a difference but as I traveled the pathways, I was able to find key moments in his life that molded him. For instance, one of his first sexual experiences had been with an older woman who insisted being tied up and used. Other experiences were shared with friends who watched him as he put his skills on display. Therefore that led to his need to abuse women and he need to use sex for attention. Once these paths were found, it was a simple matter to divert them and shut these triggering memories from him.

The problem has been how many experiences that have been part of young Nicholas’ life. He started to have sex when he was but eleven years old and has been constantly active since then. He first raped a woman at the age of sixteen and he has not stopped since then, claiming over thirty women who have felt the effects of this sick bastard. It has been tedious to find every experience and make sure he has nothing to draw on when he feels that urge again.

I have had to change his cueing system. I have made the act of sex less gratifying for him and the idea of rape repulsive. He will have no need for women, little punishment for his actions although I have left a stimulus in his mind that if he is questioned by the authorities about the rapes he has committed, he will admit readily.

At first, Nicholas wasn’t pleased with my reworking of his mind but soon, he accepted my ministrations and it seems he has become more at ease with his new outlook on life. Of course, Nicholas will not be an angel. The spoiled, pampered child will still be there in full force but now, his rage will be confined to non-sexual activities.

Surprisingly, removing his desire for Gabrielle was more difficult. In his own way, he loved Gabrielle but more in a possessive, demanding way that is surely unhealthy. But still, her image and memory were deeply intertwined into his synapses and finding his thoughts of Gabrielle’s role as his wife and the sexual escapades he had planned were disturbing and I came close to sending a suggestion to his mind to stop breathing.

But I didn’t because he is still a vital part of the plan needed to keep Gabrielle and Fred safe. In a way, they don’t understand how dangerous their love is and how what they share puts them both in danger. It’s not like Fleur, who Babette has released to the world either understanding that there is nothing she can do with her oldest daughter or in sheer disgust with her. Gabrielle is her hope and to have Gabrielle go against her edicts, will cause Babette to bring forth her anger against the world, a thought that make me shudder. But it is the love of Fred that makes Gabrielle most happy and they share a bond that is rarely seen.

Still, as I rise out of bed and prepare Nicholas for his final day, I realize that I’d do anything for the two of them and even though I am exhausted mentally, I need to finish this with Nicky and send him home. When I reach his room, I knock quietly and walk in. Coza sits on the bed and he is completely dressed. He looks to be at ease with himself and even gives me a slight smile in response. He turns toward me and says, “I’m going to go home and tell my father everything you did, gypsy. He will wipe your kind from this earth.”

“No, I’m sorry but you won’t do that, son. The moment we touch Romanian soil, any memory of me or Fred will be gone. Then Gabrielle will only be there in the ebbing of feelings you have for her and your sudden urge to end your relationship that you have with her.” I reply, shaking my head.

“I love he…I mean I want to fu…she is mine, old man and I’ll never give her up.” Nicky shakes his head while responding as if he is trying to get rid of an annoying buzz in his ear.

“See, she is already disappearing, Coza. Soon, Gabrielle will mean nothing to you and then you will break off the engagement to the disappointment of your father. But he will want to make his only son happy, so he will allow this venture to proceed.” I smile wanly, my exhaustion beginning to overwhelm me.

“I will fight this, old man,” he replies bitterly.

“Better men than you have tried, Nicky but failed. But if you do succeed, then I will be there to finish this one way or the other.” I smile predatorily and watch Nicholas gulp visibly. He is scared of me and fear is always a good ally. Putting my arm around him, I continue, “In time, you will end things with Gabrielle, even killing yourself to avoid marriage and we will be through with this whole affair. I just hope that your willpower is not too strong, young one or the lengths you will go to avoid marriage will be painful.”

“But this is not what I wanted,” Nicky sounds petulant as he speaks but somewhere inside, he knows that what I have said is inevitable.

“I know but you’re a sick, twisted bastard and this is what I want to keep Gabrielle safe.” I say as he stands and walks over to the bureau. He picks up a letter and hands me it to me and I smile, “Ah, Nicholas, we have done well, I don’t even need to ask and you do what I bid.”

Opening the letter, I begin to read quietly.

Dear Ms. Delacour,

Your daughter has been wonderful although we have had our differences. She is an enchanting young lady and I have decided to allow her to return home to spend time with her family when she wants to leave. I hope this will be alright with you. I need some time to plan and think about our future. .


Nicholas Coza

“This is very good, Coza. This will let Gabrielle to be here while you break her heart. She will need time to recover with her sisters but we both know she will be with Fred,” I say while nudging him in the side. He nods quietly, knowing that my control of him is complete. My thoughts are his and will be for the rest of his life. His price paid for the evil he has brought upon this world. We stand and begin to make our way to meet his bodyguards and return him to Romania. He deserves worse for his crimes but I cannot risk Gabrielle. Instead, I touch his head and whisper, “I lied, Nicky. Your memories of the past three weeks are gone…now.”
“Let me go and I’ll make it worth your while,” Nicholas whines while he struggles weakly against his bonds. He woke up this morning after we captured him last night when he tried to bind Gabrielle to him. His face contorts in anger, “You need to release me now. My father will be looking for me.”

“I looked at your mind when I found you, Nicky. You are a very bad man. Rape, murder, and abuse all hidden under the veil of a proper Minister’s son is not the way to become an important public official.” I reply, smiling predatorily while I lean over the chair I have turned around backward. I am dressed in black, the color absorbing the faint glow of the one candle in the room. Even my hands are encased in black leather gloves and I know when I grin, my teeth shine terrifyingly white in the dim light. I want Coza to fear me and soon, he will understand the horror he has forced upon each of his victims.

“What will you do? Tell on me. My father is a powerful man in Romania and they won’t believe you.” Nicholas sneers as he relaxes, allowing his body to lie prone on the bed.

“No, Nicky, I am sure you have heard of the gypsies. The ones parents use to teach their children fear,” I shake my head slowly before standing and bringing one leg over the chair. Nicky shrinks back into the bed as I continue, “Well, I see you’ve heard of us. We will have fun during our time together.”

“Where are Ivan and Boris?” He asks, a bit of a quiver in his voce while he stares at me.

“They are fine, Nicky. They are staying with some relatives of my girlfriend and I will bring them to you when the time is right. I Obliviated them, so they do not remember anything of these events, but other than that, they are safe.” I answer happily, the feeling of eagerness over what I am about to do filling me.

Last night, before I took Coza to Phyllis’ old childhood home, I touched Nicky’s mind with mine and I found myself revolted by the hideous acts this man has committed. He is a demon spawn, reveling in the pain and hurt of others and I realize that I cannot return him to the world like this or it will suffer. In the past, I would have killed him and he would have not bothered anyone anymore but now, I have to remember that there is more at stake than just his worthless life...I have to consider the implications for Gabrielle and Fred and this is my dilemma.

So, I have come to the decision that I will need to remove any trace of Gabrielle from Nicholas’ mind and then alter his feelings for her, the lust and desire that I round there taken away and replaced by the subtle suggestion that he does not find Gabrielle acceptable to become his bride. But there is more as I contemplate the rapes, the brutalities he has committed against others, and the fear his victims must live in on a daily basis.

He has thought himself above the law since he is the son of the Prime Minister of Magical Romania and in some ways, he is correct. He is able to abuse the system because of the fear that others have of his father and he used this power to make others suffer.

I would be doing the world a favor if I killed him and Gabrielle would be safe but he is the son of someone of importance and he would be missed. Instead, I have a plan that will take time but after I am done, Nicholas’ needs and lusts will be gone, taken by me and destroyed. I know what needs to be done and how carefully I will need to tread to make sure this is done right…for everyone involved and I hope my father’s training will be enough to protects others…especially Gabrielle.

He will not be docile but the urges which control him now will be lessened. No longer will he feel the overwhelming need to cause others pain. He will still be the pompous asre he has always been but after I am done, there will be no need for those he comes in contact with to fear him.

Of course, I will begin by altering every memory of Gabrielle. His lust for her is overwhelming and that will need to change. The fantasies he has involving her are sick and twisted but instead of doing what comes easiest to me, I have to spend endless hours swimming through this vile creature’s mind and finding his warped fantasies for her. In the end, I will implant thoughts in his mind which will eventually lead him to forsake Gabrielle and end their relationship. He will want nothing to do with her after I am done and he will demand that he be released from marrying her.

His father will grant him his wish because Nicholas is the favorite and only son. Soon after, Nicholas will confess to all his heinous crimes in a moment of intense regret and then the world will be somewhat safer.

The thought of this thing in front of me brought to justice for his multitude of crimes brings a feral grin to my features and I watch in pleasure as Nicholas squirms against his bindings while observing me. Walking over to him, I slowly remove a glove, taking care to tuck it into my belt before I lean over him. A scream rips from Coza’s throat, his fear palpable now as my fingers make contact with his temple while I whisper softly, “Shall we begin?”
Fred and I rush through the woods, each of us silent in our thoughts as we both focus on finding Gabrielle before the Coza bastard has a chance to hurt her. I glance over at Fred and he looks terrible, his face bloodied and bruised along with large gashes on his body but he moves with a determination along the ancient path we are following and I find that I am having difficulty keeping up.

It is only by fate that I am even here. I had gone to visit Zonko’s during the late afternoon and saw Coza’s bodyguard who goes by the name of Ivan standing outside the store and I realized that there would be trouble. After Nicholas and a large older man came out of the establishment, I followed them back to the Hogshead and we all waited in the gloom and stench of the tavern for a few hours until an older man joined them.

They waited another hour before they all rose abruptly and began to head outside. Thankfully, they did not choose to Apparate and the four of them instead walked past the edge of town at a slow, deliberate pace as if wanting the darkness to envelop them further.

When they reached the ancient forest at edge of town, I was startled when all four suddenly Disapparated and I was barely able to cast a tracking charm on Coza as his body vanished. Thankfully, the charm worked and I soon appeared behind them deep in the forest. But another unexpected problem occurred when they suddenly disappeared and I ran to the place they were and found that all I saw was forest.

I paced back and forth for a few moments before I realized that tracking charm was still on Coza. I took out my wand and cast again for him and found he was not too far away from me. I ran toward his position and found myself facing a small cabin with the door open wide and screams coming from inside. Rushing in, I saw Fred on his knees, held from behind by one of Coza’s men while another stood before Fred, pummeling him. I immediately reacted and brought myself behind the one holding Fred and pulled him off my friend. The fight between myself and Fred’s attacker was sharp but brief and after I slammed his head into the corner of the fireplace, I watched him slump to the floor before I threw myself at Fred’s other assailant who held his wand to Fred’s cheek.

“There…Randelli…She’s there” Fred gasps harshly as we emerge into the clearing and each of us watch while Gabrielle bursts away from Coza. He lifts himself off the ground with a growl and pursues her, his long strides quickly making up ground on her. Fred takes off, his eagerness to protect Gabrielle evident as he runs to her. I decide to take on Coza, angling toward him as he pulls out his wand.

Gabrielle sees Fred and runs directly at him, the fear in her eyes evident when I glance at her. She reaches Fred as Coza’s wand begins to glow an eerily incandescent green. Fred moves in front of her and I suddenly realize the spell he is trying to use, so I shout, “I’m going to kill you, Coza!”

My distraction works and he turns toward me, bringing his wand to bear against me but I am on him before he can utter the words. My body collides into his and I throw him to the ground, his wand flying through the air before I land on top of him. The young man is stronger than I thought though and he pushes against me until I am on the ground.

Nicky rises and begins to run but I reach out and pull him down. He pushes his thumbs toward my eyes but my fist collides with his jaw and I hear it crack audibly. He groans before his eyes flutter and roll back into his head.

Standing, I push him off of me and he rolls over, unconscious while I brush myself off. Fred moves over to Coza’s body, a look of pure hatred in his eyes and I realize that I must say something. Holding Fred’s arm, I say quietly, “It is over, Fred. If you do what is on your mind, you will become like him. Gabrielle is safe and she needs you now. Comfort her but leave her with me and go back to the cabin. Bind the unconscious bodies in there and then move them outside, so she does not have to see them and I will be along presently.”

Fred tries to protest but instead nods and moves to Gabrielle, holding her in his arms while she reaches up and touches his face. He whispers something quietly in her ear, touching her gently before he casts a warming charm on her and begins to jog back to the cabin. Gabrielle walks toward me and says angrily, “He treats me like a child even after I survived this.”

She toes Coza’s body and I take off my cloak and give it to her. I watch Gabrielle closely and suddenly realize she is not the little girl who I knew. She has matured into a beautiful young woman who has seemingly overnight become stronger mentally and physically than I ever would have thought possible. After she steps back from Coza’s unconscious form, I reply, “Fred wanted to take you with him but I told him not to do that and I am sorry. But you can help me move this slime’s body back to the house.”

After I bind his body, I levitate Coza and while it moves in front of us, Gabrielle asks, “How did you know to be here, Randelli? I’m thankful you came but how did you know?”

Smiling, I maneuver Nicholas’ body around a tree before I respond, “Because I am your guardian angel, Gabrielle and I will always protect you. When I saw Coza in Hogsmeade, I knew there would be trouble, so I followed them.”

Gabrielle stares silently at Coza’s body until we reach the cabin and I place the body outside near the others and go inside. Fred has done well moving the bodies and placing warming charms on each.

He has a roaring fire going in the hearth along with a tea prepared for each of us. I take a sip, grateful for the warm liquid running down my throat before I say, “I will take care of the four of them. I want to rest but I know will need to Apparate away for help soon.

“Do you think Mere was behind all this, Randelli?” Gabrielle asks quietly as Fred puts his arm around her.

“Your mother may be many things, Gabrielle, but she would never allow this to happen. She would kill Coza if she knew about what he has tried to do here. If you want, I could tell your mere...” I reply while sitting on one of the chairs in the cabin.

“We can’t tell mere, Randelli because we would have to tell her everything.” Gabrielle answers and I know she is right, Babette would not be happy with the news of her falling in love with a Weasley. She settles next to Fred as he wraps a blanket around her while she continues, “But I don’t know what we are going to do...she will find out.”

“I will take care of things while the two of you go back to your flat,” I reply while I go over in my mind how I will accomplish moving the bodies tonight.

“We’re not leaving, Randelli,” Gabrielle responds emphatically. Her eyes lock with mine while Fred puts his arm around her shoulder.

Shaking my head, I am about to protest but Fred’s voice rings out, “She’s right, Randelli. This is where we need to stay because if we leave, we’ll never come back. This is where we want to build our home and that’s why it’s important.”

“I will make it so none of those men will remember what has happened here or where this cabin located,” I answer while leaning back in the chair. I watch Gabrielle snuggle closely into Fred, an unspoken question in her eye, before I say, “I will not harm them but I will need to change their memories for this to work.”

They both quietly nod their agreement. I realize that I must leave in order to get the bodies moved by daylight, so I stand while continuing, “You need to be careful. I want you to each put locking charms on the door and windows and before I leave, I will put guard wards out. This place has some type of Fidelius charm on it so that is good but we will strengthen the wards here. I want to ensure you are safe but that will be tomorrow… for tonight, you need to be in love.”

I grin as Fred moves toward me and shakes my hand before Gabrielle hugs me. I hold her close for a moment longer and when we break apart, she kisses me on the cheek. Finally, I move away and out the door, shutting it behind me.

When I stand near the inert forms, I bring out my wand and Obliviate Nicholas’ three helpers of any memory of Gabrielle, the location of this cabin or what has happened in the past week. I bind all three bodies together magically before I move toward the Nicholas.

But when I look at Coza, I realize that this will be a much more difficult procedure and it will take time to take out all traces of Gabrielle. Kneeling next to him, I touch his mind with mine and am horrified by the darkness there, the foul deeds he has performed. Standing, a slow smile crosses my face as a plan forms. It will take time but I can make Nicholas Coza into something much different than the monster he is now....
“They are still in there? Are you sure, Ivan?” I ask anxiously, knowing the answer already as I see the faint glow of light ebbing through the windows of the pitiful cabin. Shivering, I wrap my cloak closer around me and breathe into my hands, wanting to get this act over with now so I can find someplace warm again. This is my second time here and after watching the display of my Gabrielle with the ginger haired peasant, I’m eager to make my claim on her. She is mine and the boy she is currently enamored with will die understanding that when this is over.

My body quivers as I think of watching the two of them make love. Gabrielle was stunning, more beautiful than I ever imagined as she reached her ecstasy. Licking my lips, I imagine my teeth biting harshly into one of her nipples, the color of a dusty rose. I think of my fingers plying her apart while I bring her to her ecstasy as I play the rough pad of my thumb over her clit. Her screams when I enter her as she lies bound on the bed, helpless before me, an innocent angel to be ravaged.

But she isn’t an angel and the thought of my Gabrielle possessing a knowledge of how to please me causes my heart to begin to palpitate, even if the lessons taught was by one I would not deem worthy to lick my boot. She will fight me at first but eventually, she’ll be mine and everything the filth she is currently pleasuring, teaches her will be enjoyed by me.

Ivan nods and I fumble in my pocket for the ring, the ring that will bind Gabrielle to me until she dies. I understand that she is a Veela and the fact that her mother has given her to me means that all I must do is place my ring on her finger and then she will be my possession, to do with as I please. In reality, I know she will fight me but the ring will become the signal that she is mine for eternity, the price paid for her mother’s greed and in the end, she will bear many children from those eager loins who will become my heirs.

After Ivan returns, I look over at Boris, my grizzled, wide bodied, bodyguard who I summoned from Romania. Unlike Ivan, he has been with me since I was born and through my formative years, he was always there to protect me. He is retired now but has always maintained a loyalty to my family, so it was easy to bring him to me when I Owled. Of course, he would not approve of some of my more explicit activities but he does understand the importance of our family name and what could happen if it was found that my betrothed was having carnal relations with a commoner, so he came to me without hesitation.

The Englishman who brought us here originally, whose name I just found out is Milton, is the last member of the group I have gathered to rescue Gabrielle from herself. When I chose him to be part of our party, I realized that he is older and seems frail but I didn’t want to announce my intentions to everyone, lest someone who works for Babette Delacour here in England find out about my plan and then my father would have a very serious issue to contend with as she took out her vengeance upon my family.

Looking at my three servants, I go over the details of our plan one more time, “It’s simple. We’ll enter from through the front door once Boris has figured out the how to disarm their locking charm. After that, Boris and Milton will take the Englishman down and Ivan will help me to capture the girl. Once we are done, we will truss Gabrielle while we take our time disposing of the boyfriend. Remember, we will use English, so he can understand everything we say. I want him to know everything that is happening and watch his face when he realizes what we are about to do to him. When we are done, we will take Gabrielle back home.”

Boris and Ivan nod while Milton stares at me dumbly. He is not here because of national pride or family honor. He is here for my gold, pure and simple. But I am fine with that as long as he does his job properly.

After a moment to compose ourselves, we all crouch low and begin to make our way to the cabin. I’m amazed by the easy grace of Boris and Ivan, professional killers who lope toward our target calmly, each footstep seemingly not making a sound nor leaving a trace of their presence on the forest floor.

When we arrive at the door, Boris pulls out his wand, his eyes closing as his fingers probe the door. Shuffling over to the side, I notice through the clouded pane that the fire in the hearth has died down as the Gabrielle and the man who I am about to kill sit closely together on the small bed which is perched near the fire. She looks angelic lying on his shoulder, happily running her hand over his chest and from the look on her face, I realize they have just fucked, a heartwarming moment that she will be able to carry with her back to Romania for the long months ahead while I teach her obedience. Her crème colored nightgown matches her skin tone perfectly and I am pleased to see that her and her lover have left their wands near the sink on the opposite side of the room. Although he will struggle, my boxer clad target will not be able to overcome the combined strength of my men and in the end, he will die.

Several minutes pass and I’m just about to signal Ivan to go through a window when Boris mutters a single word too quickly for me to understand and brings his wand down harshly. After he is done, he nods to me and I smile predatorily when I realize that my love will return to my arms in just a few moments.

Ivan attempts to open the door but I stop him as I rise and take the handle, my hand shaking in anticipation of the deed we are about to complete. Pushing softly, the door opens, eerily quiet and when my vision adjusts the faint glow of the dying embers in fireplace, I look at the bed and see the lovers entwined once more, his body covering hers as they kiss and I know that it is time to exact my revenge…
“Can I help you, sir?” A plain looking individual calls out from behind the counter of this droll little store before he approaches me. He is tall but his shoulders hunch forward as if he is ashamed of his height and bearing. His cheeks are sallow, his body looking emaciated as his robes look as if they will literally fall away from him.

“Are you the owner here?” I ask curtly, not bothering with niceties with one so far below my social status. If this is the quality of men who my Gabrielle’s lover chooses to associate with, then I almost regret my choice in choosing her as a bride if she would allow this rubbish to touch her.

“No sir, that would be Fred Weasley but he isn’t here currently. He’s on a quick get away with his girlie,” the young man replies with a wink and I want to strike the smile off his face but I still my hand, realizing that I am in England and not my native Romania where my actions would not be questioned. The store employee stares at me, a curious look crossing his features as he continues. “My name is Cosmo and I’m the assistant manager, sir. Can I be of assistance?”

“No…thank you. But do you know where the owner currently is, Cosmo?” I query while quickly pulling my hand away for his before I watch him shake his head.

“He just said he’d be gone for a while but he came back a few days ago when I had a bit of an accident. You just missed, old Fred. You must be a school chum or something although I didn’t know they let any French students in the school?” He responds and his words tell me he is as thick as his skull.

I truly want to hit him now and try to think of some way to get him to lead me into the backroom where I will rage at him about my proud Romanian ethnicity. But instead, I breathe deeply and ask one more question. “No, my friend, I’m not French but isn’t the woman who Fred is currently associated with from France, correct?”

“Gabrielle? She sounds like she’s from around here but that last name…Delasomething or other…that does sound French and let me tell you something, mate…those two aren’t just associated…that is l-o-v-e at it’s finest,” he answers as if I did not know how to spell the word but it seemed that with each letter that fell from his lips, I felt my heart tighten and my fury begin to seethe.

“Delacour” I reply simply and his features brighten as if he has solved the Riddle of the Sphinx. I find no more use in being in this banal shop, so I turn abruptly and head out the door before the fool tells me he has watched them fuck.

When I am outside, Ivan joins me from his perch outside the store. I shove my hands in my pocket against the wet cold of the English winter as I say, “The fucking fool knew nothing. He is useless and now we are back to square one because of your incompetence.”

He does not respond and soon we find ourselves in the warm confines of the Hogshead tavern, an establishment which suits my current mood, dark and foreboding. After we find seats at a table in the corner and order two ales, I find myself unable to contain my rage at Ivan’s foolishness while I continue, “I can’t believe you lost the fool and a seventeen year old girl who just got her Apparation license. You’re incompetent, Ivan and I should have you beaten. If Gabrielle and the man she is fucking are in that forest, they could be lost to us forever.”

Our ales arrive and I drain mine in one long swallow before I slam the glass back down on the table. Ivan winces noticeably and I want to continue to rail against him but a thin voice calls out from the table next to us. “There aren’t too many places in that forest that one can stay where they will be safe from both the weather and the creatures, my friend, and I happen to know where all those safe havens are located.”

I turn and the man gets up from his seat at the table next to us before sitting with us. I order him an ale along with another for myself and he nods his appreciation before he holds out his hand. “My name is Milton Earle and I’ve hunted in that forest since I was a youth. There is not a single blade of grass in those woods that I haven’t trampled upon.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Earle,” I reply while a smirk creases my features. Our ales arrive and he smiles a toothless grin before he takes a healthy gulp. The old man looks to be in fairly decent shape and I can tell from his weathered face and his rough hands that he isn’t lying about his proclivity for being outside. I tip my glass toward him before I say, “If what you say is true, I would be able to recompense you well for leading us on a tour of the forest and helping us find a long lost friend and the man she is associated with now.”

“Who is this friend?” He asks while arching an eyebrow.

“Why it’s my fiancée and her lover, my friend. The job will reward you well if you track them down but it will pay you quite handsomely if you’re willing to perform certain tasks that one might find morally bereft after you help us find them.” I smile widely before taking a sip of my ale.

“Well, I’ve never been one to let my morals get in the way of a Galleon or a thousand. By the way, that will be the price of my services, a thousand Galleons.” He replies without hesitation while picking up his glass.

“Well, here are fifty Galleons to seal our negotiations. Now, my friend, it’s early in the day, so I’d like to get started as soon as possible. You will lead Ivan into the woods immediately and if you are able to find them today, there will be an extra hundred Galleons for your quality work,’ I say casually while I reach into my robes and pull out a small pouch. I watch the old man’s eyes light up as I knew they would when I mentioned the bonus and handed him the money.

I slide the pouch across the table and he eagerly snags it from me as I continue, “Ivan, you’ll go with him and then when you have found our quarry, you will both come back to me. If you’re successful, you may lead me back into the woods so I can scout where my fiancée has chosen to make her lair. In the mean time, I’m returning to my suite to take a bath.”
“In the next few days, if you are correct, my friend, we will make a quick visit to that joke shop he owns to make sure he is not there before we begin to hunt down our prey. ”

The old man smiles, a savage toothless tear cutting his face and I know that I’ve chosen the right man for the job. I watch as he drains his glass and stands, motioning to Ivan before he walks confidently out the door. Smiling, I order another ale so I may celebrate the fact that within the next few days, Gabrielle will be mine again…