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Nicholas Coza "Reclaiming What is Mine..." - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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Nicholas Coza "Reclaiming What is Mine..."
“They are still in there? Are you sure, Ivan?” I ask anxiously, knowing the answer already as I see the faint glow of light ebbing through the windows of the pitiful cabin. Shivering, I wrap my cloak closer around me and breathe into my hands, wanting to get this act over with now so I can find someplace warm again. This is my second time here and after watching the display of my Gabrielle with the ginger haired peasant, I’m eager to make my claim on her. She is mine and the boy she is currently enamored with will die understanding that when this is over.

My body quivers as I think of watching the two of them make love. Gabrielle was stunning, more beautiful than I ever imagined as she reached her ecstasy. Licking my lips, I imagine my teeth biting harshly into one of her nipples, the color of a dusty rose. I think of my fingers plying her apart while I bring her to her ecstasy as I play the rough pad of my thumb over her clit. Her screams when I enter her as she lies bound on the bed, helpless before me, an innocent angel to be ravaged.

But she isn’t an angel and the thought of my Gabrielle possessing a knowledge of how to please me causes my heart to begin to palpitate, even if the lessons taught was by one I would not deem worthy to lick my boot. She will fight me at first but eventually, she’ll be mine and everything the filth she is currently pleasuring, teaches her will be enjoyed by me.

Ivan nods and I fumble in my pocket for the ring, the ring that will bind Gabrielle to me until she dies. I understand that she is a Veela and the fact that her mother has given her to me means that all I must do is place my ring on her finger and then she will be my possession, to do with as I please. In reality, I know she will fight me but the ring will become the signal that she is mine for eternity, the price paid for her mother’s greed and in the end, she will bear many children from those eager loins who will become my heirs.

After Ivan returns, I look over at Boris, my grizzled, wide bodied, bodyguard who I summoned from Romania. Unlike Ivan, he has been with me since I was born and through my formative years, he was always there to protect me. He is retired now but has always maintained a loyalty to my family, so it was easy to bring him to me when I Owled. Of course, he would not approve of some of my more explicit activities but he does understand the importance of our family name and what could happen if it was found that my betrothed was having carnal relations with a commoner, so he came to me without hesitation.

The Englishman who brought us here originally, whose name I just found out is Milton, is the last member of the group I have gathered to rescue Gabrielle from herself. When I chose him to be part of our party, I realized that he is older and seems frail but I didn’t want to announce my intentions to everyone, lest someone who works for Babette Delacour here in England find out about my plan and then my father would have a very serious issue to contend with as she took out her vengeance upon my family.

Looking at my three servants, I go over the details of our plan one more time, “It’s simple. We’ll enter from through the front door once Boris has figured out the how to disarm their locking charm. After that, Boris and Milton will take the Englishman down and Ivan will help me to capture the girl. Once we are done, we will truss Gabrielle while we take our time disposing of the boyfriend. Remember, we will use English, so he can understand everything we say. I want him to know everything that is happening and watch his face when he realizes what we are about to do to him. When we are done, we will take Gabrielle back home.”

Boris and Ivan nod while Milton stares at me dumbly. He is not here because of national pride or family honor. He is here for my gold, pure and simple. But I am fine with that as long as he does his job properly.

After a moment to compose ourselves, we all crouch low and begin to make our way to the cabin. I’m amazed by the easy grace of Boris and Ivan, professional killers who lope toward our target calmly, each footstep seemingly not making a sound nor leaving a trace of their presence on the forest floor.

When we arrive at the door, Boris pulls out his wand, his eyes closing as his fingers probe the door. Shuffling over to the side, I notice through the clouded pane that the fire in the hearth has died down as the Gabrielle and the man who I am about to kill sit closely together on the small bed which is perched near the fire. She looks angelic lying on his shoulder, happily running her hand over his chest and from the look on her face, I realize they have just fucked, a heartwarming moment that she will be able to carry with her back to Romania for the long months ahead while I teach her obedience. Her crème colored nightgown matches her skin tone perfectly and I am pleased to see that her and her lover have left their wands near the sink on the opposite side of the room. Although he will struggle, my boxer clad target will not be able to overcome the combined strength of my men and in the end, he will die.

Several minutes pass and I’m just about to signal Ivan to go through a window when Boris mutters a single word too quickly for me to understand and brings his wand down harshly. After he is done, he nods to me and I smile predatorily when I realize that my love will return to my arms in just a few moments.

Ivan attempts to open the door but I stop him as I rise and take the handle, my hand shaking in anticipation of the deed we are about to complete. Pushing softly, the door opens, eerily quiet and when my vision adjusts the faint glow of the dying embers in fireplace, I look at the bed and see the lovers entwined once more, his body covering hers as they kiss and I know that it is time to exact my revenge…