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Randelli "Changing Nicky..." - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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Randelli "Changing Nicky..."
“Let me go and I’ll make it worth your while,” Nicholas whines while he struggles weakly against his bonds. He woke up this morning after we captured him last night when he tried to bind Gabrielle to him. His face contorts in anger, “You need to release me now. My father will be looking for me.”

“I looked at your mind when I found you, Nicky. You are a very bad man. Rape, murder, and abuse all hidden under the veil of a proper Minister’s son is not the way to become an important public official.” I reply, smiling predatorily while I lean over the chair I have turned around backward. I am dressed in black, the color absorbing the faint glow of the one candle in the room. Even my hands are encased in black leather gloves and I know when I grin, my teeth shine terrifyingly white in the dim light. I want Coza to fear me and soon, he will understand the horror he has forced upon each of his victims.

“What will you do? Tell on me. My father is a powerful man in Romania and they won’t believe you.” Nicholas sneers as he relaxes, allowing his body to lie prone on the bed.

“No, Nicky, I am sure you have heard of the gypsies. The ones parents use to teach their children fear,” I shake my head slowly before standing and bringing one leg over the chair. Nicky shrinks back into the bed as I continue, “Well, I see you’ve heard of us. We will have fun during our time together.”

“Where are Ivan and Boris?” He asks, a bit of a quiver in his voce while he stares at me.

“They are fine, Nicky. They are staying with some relatives of my girlfriend and I will bring them to you when the time is right. I Obliviated them, so they do not remember anything of these events, but other than that, they are safe.” I answer happily, the feeling of eagerness over what I am about to do filling me.

Last night, before I took Coza to Phyllis’ old childhood home, I touched Nicky’s mind with mine and I found myself revolted by the hideous acts this man has committed. He is a demon spawn, reveling in the pain and hurt of others and I realize that I cannot return him to the world like this or it will suffer. In the past, I would have killed him and he would have not bothered anyone anymore but now, I have to remember that there is more at stake than just his worthless life...I have to consider the implications for Gabrielle and Fred and this is my dilemma.

So, I have come to the decision that I will need to remove any trace of Gabrielle from Nicholas’ mind and then alter his feelings for her, the lust and desire that I round there taken away and replaced by the subtle suggestion that he does not find Gabrielle acceptable to become his bride. But there is more as I contemplate the rapes, the brutalities he has committed against others, and the fear his victims must live in on a daily basis.

He has thought himself above the law since he is the son of the Prime Minister of Magical Romania and in some ways, he is correct. He is able to abuse the system because of the fear that others have of his father and he used this power to make others suffer.

I would be doing the world a favor if I killed him and Gabrielle would be safe but he is the son of someone of importance and he would be missed. Instead, I have a plan that will take time but after I am done, Nicholas’ needs and lusts will be gone, taken by me and destroyed. I know what needs to be done and how carefully I will need to tread to make sure this is done right…for everyone involved and I hope my father’s training will be enough to protects others…especially Gabrielle.

He will not be docile but the urges which control him now will be lessened. No longer will he feel the overwhelming need to cause others pain. He will still be the pompous asre he has always been but after I am done, there will be no need for those he comes in contact with to fear him.

Of course, I will begin by altering every memory of Gabrielle. His lust for her is overwhelming and that will need to change. The fantasies he has involving her are sick and twisted but instead of doing what comes easiest to me, I have to spend endless hours swimming through this vile creature’s mind and finding his warped fantasies for her. In the end, I will implant thoughts in his mind which will eventually lead him to forsake Gabrielle and end their relationship. He will want nothing to do with her after I am done and he will demand that he be released from marrying her.

His father will grant him his wish because Nicholas is the favorite and only son. Soon after, Nicholas will confess to all his heinous crimes in a moment of intense regret and then the world will be somewhat safer.

The thought of this thing in front of me brought to justice for his multitude of crimes brings a feral grin to my features and I watch in pleasure as Nicholas squirms against his bindings while observing me. Walking over to him, I slowly remove a glove, taking care to tuck it into my belt before I lean over him. A scream rips from Coza’s throat, his fear palpable now as my fingers make contact with his temple while I whisper softly, “Shall we begin?”