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Randelli "Departures..." - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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Randelli "Departures..."
Nicholas has been surprisingly simple to work with over the past few weeks. At first, I thought that his mind was simply too demented and warped to make a difference but as I traveled the pathways, I was able to find key moments in his life that molded him. For instance, one of his first sexual experiences had been with an older woman who insisted being tied up and used. Other experiences were shared with friends who watched him as he put his skills on display. Therefore that led to his need to abuse women and he need to use sex for attention. Once these paths were found, it was a simple matter to divert them and shut these triggering memories from him.

The problem has been how many experiences that have been part of young Nicholas’ life. He started to have sex when he was but eleven years old and has been constantly active since then. He first raped a woman at the age of sixteen and he has not stopped since then, claiming over thirty women who have felt the effects of this sick bastard. It has been tedious to find every experience and make sure he has nothing to draw on when he feels that urge again.

I have had to change his cueing system. I have made the act of sex less gratifying for him and the idea of rape repulsive. He will have no need for women, little punishment for his actions although I have left a stimulus in his mind that if he is questioned by the authorities about the rapes he has committed, he will admit readily.

At first, Nicholas wasn’t pleased with my reworking of his mind but soon, he accepted my ministrations and it seems he has become more at ease with his new outlook on life. Of course, Nicholas will not be an angel. The spoiled, pampered child will still be there in full force but now, his rage will be confined to non-sexual activities.

Surprisingly, removing his desire for Gabrielle was more difficult. In his own way, he loved Gabrielle but more in a possessive, demanding way that is surely unhealthy. But still, her image and memory were deeply intertwined into his synapses and finding his thoughts of Gabrielle’s role as his wife and the sexual escapades he had planned were disturbing and I came close to sending a suggestion to his mind to stop breathing.

But I didn’t because he is still a vital part of the plan needed to keep Gabrielle and Fred safe. In a way, they don’t understand how dangerous their love is and how what they share puts them both in danger. It’s not like Fleur, who Babette has released to the world either understanding that there is nothing she can do with her oldest daughter or in sheer disgust with her. Gabrielle is her hope and to have Gabrielle go against her edicts, will cause Babette to bring forth her anger against the world, a thought that make me shudder. But it is the love of Fred that makes Gabrielle most happy and they share a bond that is rarely seen.

Still, as I rise out of bed and prepare Nicholas for his final day, I realize that I’d do anything for the two of them and even though I am exhausted mentally, I need to finish this with Nicky and send him home. When I reach his room, I knock quietly and walk in. Coza sits on the bed and he is completely dressed. He looks to be at ease with himself and even gives me a slight smile in response. He turns toward me and says, “I’m going to go home and tell my father everything you did, gypsy. He will wipe your kind from this earth.”

“No, I’m sorry but you won’t do that, son. The moment we touch Romanian soil, any memory of me or Fred will be gone. Then Gabrielle will only be there in the ebbing of feelings you have for her and your sudden urge to end your relationship that you have with her.” I reply, shaking my head.

“I love he…I mean I want to fu…she is mine, old man and I’ll never give her up.” Nicky shakes his head while responding as if he is trying to get rid of an annoying buzz in his ear.

“See, she is already disappearing, Coza. Soon, Gabrielle will mean nothing to you and then you will break off the engagement to the disappointment of your father. But he will want to make his only son happy, so he will allow this venture to proceed.” I smile wanly, my exhaustion beginning to overwhelm me.

“I will fight this, old man,” he replies bitterly.

“Better men than you have tried, Nicky but failed. But if you do succeed, then I will be there to finish this one way or the other.” I smile predatorily and watch Nicholas gulp visibly. He is scared of me and fear is always a good ally. Putting my arm around him, I continue, “In time, you will end things with Gabrielle, even killing yourself to avoid marriage and we will be through with this whole affair. I just hope that your willpower is not too strong, young one or the lengths you will go to avoid marriage will be painful.”

“But this is not what I wanted,” Nicky sounds petulant as he speaks but somewhere inside, he knows that what I have said is inevitable.

“I know but you’re a sick, twisted bastard and this is what I want to keep Gabrielle safe.” I say as he stands and walks over to the bureau. He picks up a letter and hands me it to me and I smile, “Ah, Nicholas, we have done well, I don’t even need to ask and you do what I bid.”

Opening the letter, I begin to read quietly.

Dear Ms. Delacour,

Your daughter has been wonderful although we have had our differences. She is an enchanting young lady and I have decided to allow her to return home to spend time with her family when she wants to leave. I hope this will be alright with you. I need some time to plan and think about our future. .


Nicholas Coza

“This is very good, Coza. This will let Gabrielle to be here while you break her heart. She will need time to recover with her sisters but we both know she will be with Fred,” I say while nudging him in the side. He nods quietly, knowing that my control of him is complete. My thoughts are his and will be for the rest of his life. His price paid for the evil he has brought upon this world. We stand and begin to make our way to meet his bodyguards and return him to Romania. He deserves worse for his crimes but I cannot risk Gabrielle. Instead, I touch his head and whisper, “I lied, Nicky. Your memories of the past three weeks are gone…now.”