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Nicholas Paul Coza "Departures..." - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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Nicholas Paul Coza "Departures..."
Sitting quietly in my room, I reflect on how my life has changed since I went to claim my future wife, Gabrielle Delacour, in England and my subsequent return to Romania as a changed man. No longer do I feel any type of sexual attraction to any person and though I have tried to imagine Gabrielle’s body as I drive into her before she comes on my cock. But no matter what I do, I cannot become aroused.

Of course, I have tried to occupy myself with other things, but the misery of my lack of sexual drive has kept me quite depressed. My family and friends comment that I’m a changed individual and in their eyes, I can see their concern. I just feel listless now, cut adrift and I have lost the desire to do anything.

There has also been the curious buildup within me of tempered feelings for Gabrielle. I loved her at one time, her beauty enticing me as I imagined her bringing me to new heights of rapture. But now, there is vast emptiness inside of me where my lust and lewd thoughts that were especially reserved for Gabrielle have disappeared. I have found myself inevitably drawn every day to the conclusion that I no longer can stand the thought of marrying her anymore. Still, it is the dichotomy of this predicament that bothers me…I know that I love her in my own way but it is overwhelmed by my abhorrence of the girl I once called ‘my Gabrielle’.

My father was not pleased when I asked him for his forgiveness as I was going to cancel my impending nuptials with Gabrielle. He worried about his relationship with Gabrielle’s mother, Babette Delacour, who is the head of the Five Clans and to whom our family is aligned. But he has always wanted me to be happy, so he grudgingly gave in and now I have lost the only woman I will ever love.

Lying back on my bed, I pick up the first of two letters I have penned. Opening it, I run my fingers over the proud crest of our family, one that has ruled Magical Romania for over fifty years. Sighing as my eyes focus on the parchment, I read:

Dear Ms. Delacour,

I regret to inform you that I will not be marrying your daughter, Gabrielle, and I have asked my father to make the subsequent arrangements to terminate the agreement between your family and ours. Although Gabrielle is everything a man could desire, I just do not feel we would be a good match at this time. I apologize once more but I am sure you will not have a problem finding a match for your lovely daughter.


Nicholas Paul Coza

I place the letter in an envelope and dribble candle wax upon it to seal the flap before pressing my signet ring into the wax. I can’t believe that I could have loved her daughter just a few weeks earlier and dreamed of all the sexual enjoyment we would share. Yet, as I pick up the second letter, I realize that this one was even more difficult for me to write and I stare at it incredulously before I read haltingly,

My Dearest Gabrielle,

I loved you at one point in time but something has changed between us. It seems I remember us being content at one point in time during my visit to England although for some reason, the details are hazy, but my memories tell me that slowly I realized that a union between us could not work and I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to marry you. I know you were hesitant to enter into a relationship with me when you came to Romania but I feel with time, I could have changed your mind. But now, it is me who just does not feel the drive to continue to pursue what could have been a glorious love affair. You are beautiful and I am sure you will find someone more suited for you in the near future but unfortunately, that someone is not me.

With Deepest Apologies,

Nicholas Paul Coza

My hand hesitates when I put the letter into the envelope and seal it. Walking over to the window, I stroke the feathers of my great horned owl, Ravager, and tie the letters to his leg before he sets off to deliver each. I watch him gain altitude until he disappears into the sullen grey skies of the Romania I love so dearly.

I realize now that the deed is done and my impending marriage to Gabrielle is cancelled. But there is one more act for me to complete and I have been in negotiations for a week since I was first approached. Now, I have found a way not to sully my family’s proud name while I allow my soul which has been tormented over the past two weeks to rest.

My door opens and a hulking man dressed in a black overcoat looks in on me before entering. His glare is contemptuous as he stares at me but I realize I deserve any hate he has for me since I have confessed to over forty four rapes in the past year of assorted women. I am a monster but the Romanian Magical Police have allowed me to disappear to one of their hidden prisons without even my father knowing if I agreed to not being tried. I will be kept there for the rest of my life, payment for my heinous crimes and still that is probably not enough of a punishment.

Another man enters the room and takes my arm before he binds me magically. The first man places a Portkey on the floor before activating it. I take in one final glance around my room, realizing that this will be the last glimpse I will ever have of the home I grew up in and a wave of regret washes over me for my actions. I do not truly care about the women I have hurt during my rampage. Instead, I regret that my father will never know where I have gone, nor will I be able to uphold the family’s long standing tradition of ruling Wizarding Romania.

Still, it is time and I try to remain strong, as all Coza’s have been over the centuries, standing true in the face of adversity. But as I touch the Portkey, oddly enough, my thoughts are not of home and hearth but once more of her and while I feel the familiar tug at my navel, I whisper quietly, “Goodbye, Gabrielle Delacour.”