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"A Chance Encounter" NPC, R for Sexual Situations, June 24th - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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"A Chance Encounter" NPC, R for Sexual Situations, June 24th
Standing in front of my shrine, I place several pictures of her and a cloth she used to dab her face that I found in a washroom as I followed her. But I am proud of myself for my most recent accomplishment in my pursuit of her. Our relationship has changed and now, I have actually spoken to my goddess.

It was a brief encounter at the Ball but for a moment, her eyes held mine and she knew I existed. Of course, she was prompted when I ‘accidentally’ brushed up against her while she stood waiting for him but she noticed me standing there. I wanted to tell her I love her and to forget the idiot she has chosen to be with now. I wanted to tell her how foolish her choice was and that I would provide her with everything he would never be able to give her.

Her voice is everything I thought it would be…a chorus of angels could not have sounded more beautiful. I can imagine now the first time she tells me she loves me…the first cry of passion she will let out when we make love. Her legs wrapped around my torso as I plunge into her, I can already taste her skin, feel her tighten around me as I give her pleasure that no other man could possible provide her.

Even in our little moment…what I like to call, the beginning of our relationship, I could see that she gave me more than a casual glance and I know she felt the same desire that I have had for her since I first saw her. She looked at me as if I was the only man there. I am sure if I had made my approach, I could have taken her to a balcony or back hall and she would begged for me to make love to her.

But that is not what I want. I need her to choose me over that slovenly bastard she has chosen for herself now. I curse the fact that I did not know her sooner because I know she would be mine. Now, I need to wait and bide my time, hoping for the opportunity to approach her. I will watch her carefully and when the iron is hot, I will take her away from him and she will become MY lover, MY wife, and bear MY children.

She needs to see him through my eyes, he is a self-centered bastard who only has his own needs in mind. I’ve watched him…all he wants is to fuck her every day and force her to produce his offspring. That way he can lay his claim on her and she’ll be bound to him.

He could not possibly love her the way I do and he never will be able to match the care and devotion I will show her.

But then again, she does not love him either. I could see it in the way she looked at me that she wants something more. If she did love him, then why does she spend her life now searching for something better? Why would she allow other men to speak to her? Why does she feel the need to display herself to others? I know…it is because she is looking for the one who will fulfill all her needs instead of this man whom she has given herself to now.

I take hold of a picture and stare at it, imagining that the dazzling smile she gives to him in the picture is directed at me. Silently, I make a vow that when she is mine, she will always smile and bring light to my otherwise dim world. Closing my eyes, I think back to our encounter and find myself slowly melting into the memory.

“Pardon me, Madam.” I said gallantly while I felt the tingle wash over me when our skin touched. I am sure she noticed it also judging from the way her blue eyes lit up when she turned to look at me.

My body begins to simmer, fired by her touch. I wanted to tell then what I feel and how much she has come to mean to me. Her eyes lingered on me for a moment too long and she finally smiled. A soft burst of laughter passed from her lips and every other sound in the room stopped existing as I found myself enraptured once more as I tried to burn her laugh into my memory.

I reached out to steady her but hesitated when she replied, “It is fine. I am sorry I was in your way.”

It was then that I knew I loved her. I couldn’t believe my goddess would apologize to me. This is when I knew that she wanted me. She took the time not only to acknowledge my presence and grace me with her smile but she was contrite as if asking me for my approval….as if she wanted more from me.

I nuzzle the picture against my cheek and set it reverently back into its place. Taking a step back, I stare at my shrine I have built for her. I am pleased that where once there were a few pictures, now an entire wall is covered with her visage. I have captured every moment of her life from the time she awakens to the time she goes to sleep. Of course, I have had to accept the fact that he is present in many of her pictures and it pained me to watch them make love the few times I have been able to capture that moment. But it was worth it to see the fervor in her eyes, the ecstasy crossing her features as her pleasure overwhelmed her.

But still I know I could do better than him and bring her to heights she cannot even dare to dream she will attain. He does not understand her needs and the times I have witnessed them together, he would rather use her body to satisfy himself rather than making sure she has attained her pleasure several times over. This will change when she is mine. I will love her and show her how much she means to me. She will need me like I am a drug and beg me to make love to her….and when she is sated, I will mark her as mine.

Sighing at this wonderful image, I walk over to my easel and begin to paint her once more. I tap the brush against my chin as I stare at my painting. I still have not been able to capture her lips correctly and I will not be able to until I have tasted them and then they will be mine forever. The curves and contours of her body still seem a bit distorted but once I have cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples become erect under my touch…once I have placed my hand between her legs and felt her press against my fingers begging me for more…once I have taken my manhood and plunged it into her, feeling her body climax as we rock together…then she will be mine forever.

“That will be soon, my love,” I whisper as I put the brush down. Her picture smiles at my words and a feeling of joy overwhelms because I know now that she can hear me call to her and in her image’s smile, I feel her love for me.

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