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Marking Territory NC 17 June 23rd - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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Marking Territory NC 17 June 23rd
I didn’t mean to tear his throat out. I should feel regret. He was only twenty and one day he might have led this pack. He was young and powerful but he made the mistake of challenging me and I cannot have anyone in my pack who threatens me or my authority. I must rule supreme even if I have to kill them all.

The rest of my followers stare malevolently at me but they stay well away from the small circle where I tore the life out of Daniel. My eyes flicker back and forth, surveying the gathered, wondering if any of them will try to challenge me in my weakened state. But none of the cowards will meet my eyes and they each stare downward when I glare at them, a sign of submission among our kind.

My place in the pack is safe for another night and now, I find that I am just tired and I want this to end. But there is more to this ritual that must be completed. Tossing Daniel’s limp body to the ground, I feel my arms grow weary. The taste of copper and iron course down my throat as I suddenly realize his blood is upon my lips. I relish in the tangy flavor and I am suddenly alive again as I know that I rule supreme once more.

I tear off the tattered remains of my shirt as I gaze in macabre fascination at the many cuts on his body but it is his throat that captures my attention as I watch an ever widening pool of blood stain the trampled grass we fought upon.

Stepping out of the small circle, I bring my eyes up again to lock my gaze with each member of my pack. Once more, they submit and I watch as two young females with wash clothes in hand walk over until they stand next to me. Each of them bows their head before I allow them to begin cleaning my body. The coarse material stings me as each of them run their towels over my chest, paying particular attention to the deep gouges that Daniel gave me when I lifted him off the ground to bring my teeth to find the pulse point in his throat.

The water feels astringent on my skin but I cannot show the intense pain I feel. I do not wince or cry out, instead I bring my hand down and slap the whore in front of me who has hurt me. Her eyes well up but she returns to her task, being much more careful this time.

“Watch yourself, bitch,” I growl quietly.

“Yes sir,” she replies, her eyes still tearing as she lifts her oval face and I notice how beautiful the newest member of my pack truly is.

But yet, this nameless slut is still not Celeste, the woman who I know is destined to be my mate. If it had not been for that whore, Babette, Celeste would have been mine. The way she acted when had sex…so animalistic, so primal…and I know we are perfect together. Her blue eyes always stared at me in admiration as I moved inside her cunt, her legs wrapped around me as she begged me to fuck her.

A small hand on my groin brings me back to this reality. I realize that the next part of the ritual has begun and when I look down, I see the two women on their knees in front of me, the blond whore on the right shoving her hand into my trousers and pulling out my enormous cock.

My trousers fall to my knees and my dick springs free. I gaze hungrily at the two bitches in front of me and when I see the brunette pull away slightly in revulsion, I know what I need to do now. My hands fist in her short brown hair and I force her mouth over my cock, stretching her lips over the engorged head. I buck my hips forward and hear her gag as my erection slides down her throat. When I feel her nose in my pubic hair, I tighten my fingers in her hair and hiss, “I’ll fucking kill you if you bite me.”

I release her hair and she nods around my cock, her brown hair bobbing again as I reach down and grab her small tits through her tank top. My large fingers tear the material open and she whimpers when I take hold of her erect nipples and twist them harshly. She pulls away from my cock and cries out, “Please stop…that hurts.”

My fury peaks and I cuff her across the jaw and watch her fall to the ground before I turn to the blonde and curl a finger, beckoning her to me. She crawls over and I swing my hips, bringing my cock to slap against her cheek. But I’m impressed when she doesn’t shirk away and instead stares at me longingly with her intense blue eyes as she removes her shirt, freeing her firm breasts. She crouches then so she can remove her skirt before she kneels and takes my dick eagerly into her mouth and begins to suckle on it.

“Beautiful, whore,” I say through gritted teeth as I watch her cheeks hollow. She reminds me of Celeste, her blonde hair brushing against my skin as she moves rhythmically along my length. Even though I see the lust, the desire in her eyes, I realize that she just wants me to name her my alpha bitch but there will never anyone who can challenge my Celeste.

It will be Celeste who bears my cubs when Delacour gives her to me. I only agreed to her inane request to seduce the pathetic Bill Weasley because I want Celeste back to me to finally allow our love to burn. I want her and I will do anything to get her back, even if it means degrading myself. I am a pack leader, the alpha wolf in England but I am willing to act as Delacour’s lackey to once more relish the experience of fucking Celeste Bertrand into the bed.

A tongue dragging along the base of my cock surprises me and when I look down, I’m happy to see the brunette who I hit has returned to me as a good slut should. I pull the blonde away from my dick before I allow the brunette to begin to worship my erection once more.

I begin to thrust my hips forward as I stare at the rest of my pack, the males beginning to circle us as the scent of our excitement becomes too much. But they know not to interfere. Every bitch in the pack is mine unless I let them have her…and I guard that right jealously.

Grasping the side of the brunette’s head, I begin to fuck her mouth, my cock driving relentlessly between her lips until I feel myself begin to expand. I pull out, taking hold of my dick and pushing my hand forward until I begin to spill upon the brunette, her chest covered in my seed as my erection continues to pulse. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the blond crawl over in front of me and I save the last few spasms of my cock for her.

My knees wobble slightly but I show no weakness as I smirk in satisfaction at my wasted seed marring the skin of the two women subjugating themselves before me. I take in the scent around me and luxuriate in it…death…blood…sex….and lust mix to torment my senses but I know that I must remain calm, showing my iron will control that I keep in order to lead my pack.

When I finally recover, I glance at the whores still kneeling before me and I see in their eyes that each pleads with me to choose them for the night. But I am sated and I know I must begin to save myself for Celeste’s return. So instead, I snarl wickedly at the two women before I turn away and head back toward my cottage while I say, “Take them, men. The sluts are my gift to you for the night.”

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