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The Golden Bitch - Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
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The Golden Bitch
"What the fuck do you mean she is gone?" I ask, fury surely raging across my features as I try to stare down Babette Delacour.

"Apparently, she found you more hideous than I do, Greyback," the bitch replies with a smirk and it takes all my willpower to not tear her throat out.

I want to yell, to kill, to destroy. I can't believe the bitch lost Celeste and now after months of doing Babette's bidding and making myself subservient to her, I am back to square one.

"I did everything you asked. I subjugated Bill Weasley and made him my bitch so you would have your revenge and I get nothing?" I bellow loudly, clenching my hands into fists.

Babette seems irritatingly calm and I can't even smell a hint of fear upon her. I can't believe how composed she remains as I rage. I live off the fear and trepidation of others when they are in my presence but this damnable woman doesn't even give me the simple pleasure of a hitch in her breathing when my fury peaks.

"I am not Celeste's keeper. It is unfortunate that she escaped and that was not my intention but this is the second time she has chosen to run rather than be with you. You should get the hint." Babette snickers and I feel my anger rise to a new level. "But I will pay you good money for your efforts with Weasley and your loss."

"I don't want money. I want Celeste," I hiss through gritted teeth.

"I cannot do that, Fenrir. Besides, I have probably saved you years of heartache. Forget her and move on because I have found out tonight that she is nothing but a two timing whore," Babette comments and I sense a slight change in her voice as her own anger seeps through her calm resolve.

"What the fuck do you mean, woman?" I snap back.

"She was in bed with a close associate of mine when I caught her. She had been sleeping with him for a year, Greyback," she announces before she turns away and walks over to a small table. She picks up a decanter and pours herself a drink. After taking a sip of her drink, she adds, "I had hoped to hand her to you and rid myself of two problems...a whore and your damn nattering over Celeste."

"Where is this man?" I ask menacingly while rolling my neck to loosen the tension in the muscles.

"He is mine, Fenrir and I have taken care of him. He will not bother women again," she replies sharply.

"Then what the fuck do I get out of this, Delacour?" I inquire impatiently.

"I told you that you would get gold, Fenrir," Babette responds.

"That will not be enough. I want you to tell me where Celeste is now," I growl as my impatience builds.

I can feel the tension in my muscles and I wish I could turn now so I could kill this miserable bitch and take what is rightfully mine. It should be me who rules the Clans with Celeste by my side. I would be master of this world instead of begging table scraps from Delacour.

"I cannot tell you, Greyback. I believe she will go to the Veela villages but there are so many that I do not know which one she may try to hide in. Unless…her last assignment was Hogwarts…" Babette ponders while she sits delicately on her sofa facing the fireplace.

"School? Celeste in a school? That's the first funny thing you've said tonight, Delacour. You know as well as I do that she abhors children. She wouldn't go near a child when I took her to the villages when she was mine," I bark sharply before I laugh.

"She performed the assignment capably but she did come home immediately when I summoned her," Babette answers.

She sips her drink and I begin to pace back and forth, my frustration now flowing freely through me as my fury begins to glow white hot. I can't believe I was so close to having my mate returned to me and now she is lost to me again. I will need to spend months searching for her in the forests of France but I vow that once more she will be mine.

"I do not care if she performed the assignment well. I want my reward," I repeat for the hundredth time.

"Apparently, you are as denser than I thought, Greyback. I will spell it out for you plainly. Celeste is not here. I have offered you money as satisfaction for the error that has been committed in losing your prize," Babette replies as she leans back against the cushions of the sofa.

"I have had enough of your abuse, bitch," I say in a low, dangerous tone. Delacour peers at me under hooded eyes as I turn to face her before I add, "I'm through groveling and now I'm going to take what's rightfully mine. Our association is finished."

"What makes you think I will not kill you?" she asks plainly and I see her motion to her guards again.

"Two reasons…first is your damnable guest rules you Clan folk follow and second, I have Bill Weasley and if you kill me, then your plan to destroy him will be incomplete," I say almost flippantly while I feel the presence of her guards around me. Smiling a toothy grin, I continue, "But I will finish the job with Weasley. There is a perverse pleasure in subjugating one of your children who detests you so much."

Delacour laughs at my comment and signals to the guards. I glance warily at each of them while I spread my legs slightly to allow me better balance. Yet neither of them advance on me and I relax while I hear Babette say, "That is one goal that you and I both share, Greyback. There would be no sweeter sight than my eldest daughter's love interest dead. You have my permission to leave safely so that you may complete ruining the son-of-a-bitch."

"I want to see Weasley dead at my feet, Delacour," I comment earnestly after she lets me go.

"That is what we both want." She smiles before I pivot to leave.

"Weasley is not the only one I want dead," I whisper lowly as I walk out of the room. There would be nothing better that tearing out Babette's entrails and watching her die slowly. That would be my dream and the thought brings a grin to my face as I make my way down the corridor.

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