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Ginger and Snow Non-Playing Character Journal
For all your minor and temporary character needs...
“You can’t be right, Ivan. This is her hand servant, he is not even fit to be a bodyguard.” I gaze in wonder at the pictures of the redheaded man and my Gabrielle speaking to each other in the prank shop Gabrielle and I saw when I visited Hogsmeade with her. Handing the pictures over to Alec, I ask, “What would she find in him?”

My friend files through the pictures and I note how Gabrielle seems to be enjoying herself in each photo. Even when she was out visiting other shops, she seemed happy in this quaint village. But this can’t be right. She is a Delacour, a member of one of the oldest of the Wizarding Clans. Her life should be one of gilded carriages, fine wines, and expensive jewelry. These are the things I would provide her and she would never find herself wanting. Why would she choose this oaf over me?

“He seems handsome enough, Nicky. He has kind eyes and he makes her laugh,” Alec responds quietly and I grimace, knowing he will be totally honest with me, one of my only associates who will do that.

Snatching the pictures from him, I rage, “He is short and stocky and his red mop is unkempt. She cannot be with someone like this…baseborn trash.”

“Well, in this picture, she seems to be enjoying running her fingers through his mop,” Alec chides as he points at a picture of a giggling Gabrielle being lifted into the air by this filth and twirled before he puts her down.

Gnashing my teeth together, I watch fascinated while this thing makes my Gabrielle laugh when she wouldn’t even crack a smile with me. She was morose her entire time here and I can see why now. It’s because she missed slumming in England with him.

But she is mine, given to me by her mother, our intentions announced in front of the elite of the Romanian Wizarding community and I can’t allow my father’s reputation to suffer any type of damage due to the stupidity of one girl…the one girl who is supposed to be my wife.

“Where are they now, Ivan?” I ask, observing the wide shoulders of my bodyguard as he shrugs them. His incompetence infuriates me but I hold my temper, “You lost them, Ivan. Where did they go?”

“They took a few days worth of supplies and walked to the forest’s edge outside of town before Apparating.” Ivan eyes cast down to the ground.

“It seems that you weren’t ready for that, you dolt. You could have tracked them had you been quicker.” I begin to seethe at the stupidity of Ivan, who I had chosen for this simple task.

“It must have been a short jump. She is young, so she would probably not be able to make a long, blind jump without some assistance. They are in the forest somewhere.” Ivan replies quickly, trying to appease me so I won’t punish his idiocy further.

“You’re probably correct, Ivan, and you will help me find them. We will leave tomorrow. Alec, will you be joining us in our hunt?” I smirk, knowing that my civilized friend would want no part of this quest.

Alec shakes his head as I pick up the pictures, gazing longingly at my Gabrielle as her lips brush against the jaw line of the heathen she has chosen to associate with over me, “Tell me more about them, Ivan. Did he have sex with her?”

“I could not tell you but she didn’t emerge from the shop at night and in the lantern light, I could see two shadows in the flat above the shop.” He replies and I feel my heart begin to twist. She should be mine and it should be me whose body she writhes under at night.

“What will you do once you find her, Nicky? Surely, her mother would not be happy if you hurt her.” Alec says calmly, his face showing no sign of emotion.

“I would never hurt my ange. She’s much too valuable to me and I treasure her. But the bastard who she is with, I will blind him after I make him watch while I bind Gabrielle to me. His last image will be of the woman he has lost,” I snarl, once more scattering the pictures around the room.

“He had nothing to do with this, Nicky. He was probably with her before you came along. Maybe you should speak to her mother,” Alec flinches when one of the photos hits him in the side of the face.

“That old bitch. She ran once her daughter was given to me. That shows how much she cares what her little whore does with her life. No, it’s up to me to make sure that Gabrielle understands her place in this world,” I find myself on the edge of flying into a murderous rage. Instead, I turn to Ivan and say, “Inform my father that I will be taking a trip to England to visit my future wife but don’t tell him why or how long we will be gone.”

Ivan turns and stalks away before I turn to Alec and smile, “Since it is painfully obvious that Gabrielle isn’t a virgin, I may just need to spend some time in England sampling the wares of the woman I am binding to me. So this trip may have some benefits after all.”
“Why doesn’t the bitch Owl me?” I yell while pacing furiously around the office my father has given me. Gabrielle has been gone for over two weeks and my bride-to-be has not tried to contact me since she fell ill. I have been more than patient, heeding her mother’s words, allowing her daughter to go home at any time, but this lack of communication has become too much. I turn, enraged, staring at Alec as I continue, “She is mine and it’s her duty to keep me informed of her whereabouts.”

“I don’t understand your concern now, Nicky. You have fucked anything with a hole that looks remotely like her since she left. Why do you feel so compelled to find her now?” Alec replies, staring at the finely manicured nails on his left hand while he sits casually on my office sofa. “Nicky, you should not be worried, she can be gone for one month according to her mother.”

“That is not the point, she is my property now and I’m anxious to bind her to me. When that is done, then I will fuck her until she cannot scream anymore.” I say anxiously, imagining my cock sliding into Gabrielle, my hands pinning her to the bed while she struggles against me. I find myself nearly salivating while I continue, “I think I will tie her to the bed, so she can’t go away again. I’ll take my pleasure with her day and night. Maybe if you are nice, Alec, you may have a turn. You won’t want to go back to that whore I gave you. Misha is nothing compared to the real thing.”

Alec visibly squirms when I mention Misha, my former employee who has become Alec’s lover. In a way, it is fitting that a pale copy of my Gabrielle should intoxicate Alec so, after all, he wants in his heart to be like me. When I watched Alec fuck Misha, it was the first time my taciturn friend even thought about breaking with the decorum that one of our social status must follow. Now, I see the hunger in his eyes when I speak of my conquests, both those who consent to my desires and those who would rather be taken by me.

“I’m not sure if I would want your Gabrielle, Nicky. I’m happy with Misha.” Alec answers and I see him cross his legs uncomfortably, I’m sure his mind is wondering what Gabrielle’s mouth would feel like wrapped around his cock.

“But Misha is not Gabrielle. I want to taste Gabrielle, I want to press my tongue against her clit until she screams. I will mark her before I let you fuck her, Alec. You will know she is mine because every bite upon her body will be made by me. That will be it, Alec, you may fuck her but your mouth will not touch her.” I smile in satisfaction, realizing that Gabrielle will be mine and I will be the only man to mark her.

I find myself coveting her and already, the obsession builds within me. I want to possess her but my needs are greater than just my Gabrielle. I will share my toy with others, allowing them to fuck her, but it will only be me who will be allowed to make love to her, to kiss her. She does not love me now but after feeling the remorseless touch of numerous other men, she will crave my gentle lips pressed against her, gasp loudly when my teeth worry upon her turgid nipple. She will beg for my contact since others will do nothing but use her for their own pleasure.

Then she will love me, she will crawl on the floor, pleading for me to make love to her. We will then experiment, other women, more men…my Gabrielle will never want for attention. But that will not happen until she is returned to me. My prize bequeathed to me by her mother, but I have yet to lap her juices, to taste her cunt upon my tongue and this is my frustration.

I storm to the door and see my guards lounging against the wall. Quickly making a decision, I take hold of Ivan’s lapel and drag him into the office while screaming, “You lazy fuck. You are supposed to be protecting me, not holding up the wall.”

His dark eyes search mine and I watch in pleasure as his bottom lip quivers. No one would dare touch me within my realm. I am the son of the Minister of Magic and this is my world. His wide frame straightens before he nods and averts his eyes, “What would you like of me, Mr. Coza?”

“My betrothed, she is in England and since you spent time with her here, even an oaf like you should be able to recognize her easily.” I hiss, my hand taking hold of his strong arm. Ivan is large but he doesn’t resist me as I tighten my grip like a manacle upon his wrist.

He winces and I exult in my show of physical prowess. Dropping his hand, I step away from him, watching him rub his wrist, unaware of his show of weakness in front of me. I gaze into his eyes as I say calmly, “You will leave tonight and report your findings by Owl. Do I make myself clear?”

Ivan nods, his features storm-ridden as he turns to leave. But before he can go, I grip his shoulder, “Ivan, one more thing, find Nadia, my mother’s upstairs maid and tell her I require her for a few hours.

He leaves without acknowledging me, but I don’t care as thoughts of Nadia straddling me dance in my head. I feel my cock begin to grow within the confines of my trousers while I glance at Alec and smile widely, “Stay with me, my friend, Nadia has more than one willing hole and you know I like to share.”

Alec likes his lips in anticipation and I know his answer is a resounding yes…
lj-cut text = "Temptation...">“Ah, good to see you, Alec,” I cry out as my most faithful friend from childhood enters the room. His smile turns into a saddened head shake while he enters and I ask, “What is wrong, my friend?”

Then I feel a sharp pain and I hiss when I feel the blonde whore’s teeth scrape against the skin of my cock and I admonish the young slut lying naked between my legs, “Watch yourself, bitch. That particular appendage is important to me.”

“Why?” Alec asks simply as I begin to buck into lovely blonde’s mouth, her lips working against the sensitive skin of my erection.

“Because I can, Alec and because I need this now. My fucking wife-to-be left me a few nights ago because the frigid bitch got sick. I don’t have the time to wait for her to thaw.” I reply while my hand strokes the cheek of the blonde girl. I grin as lately I have had a tendency toward blondes who look eerily familiar to my Gabrielle and this one sucking my cock is no different. She was chosen for her long blonde hair, her flawless skin, her piercing blue eyes along with her still ripening young body and when I saw her, I knew I had to have her.

“Who is she, Nicky?” Alec whispers as he sits across from me, a small package in his hand. I spread my legs further, wishing I had removed my trousers while my newest interest takes the base of my cock in her hand and begins to stroke it slowly while she lavishes her tongue around the tip.

Fisting the blonde’s hair, I lift her head, her beautiful face wincing in pain as I pull her back. I smile as I answer Alec, “Ah, my friend, her name does not matter but since you asked, this is Misha.”

Bending over, I run my tongue along the side of her face before I continue, “Ivan, my bodyguard, found her in one of the small
villages far from Bucharest and knew she would please me. When he brought her to work here, it was but a simple matter to get her to respond to me since I am the Prime Minister’s son. She is now sucking my dick because she wants to continue to work on my staff with hopes that one day, someone like you will marry her. Speaking of which, would you like to try her? I am almost done.”

“No, Nicky, I am fine but you need to be careful. Your urges are overtaking you ever since you met Gabrielle Delacour. She has made you reckless and between the house staff and your other activities, I’m afraid you will find yourself in trouble.” He replies uneasily as I return Misha to her duties.

“I know what I am doing, Alec. Besides, I love Gabrielle,” I reply with a grin as I feel my cock touch the back of Misha’s throat. I feel the familiar build up of urgency and I ask, “Would it be okay if I fucked her, Alec? I won’t if it makes you feel uncomfortable but I feel a need to come inside her.”

Alec nods and I lift Misha and bring her over my cock, facing toward Alec. When I am ready, I push her body down until she slides quickly down my length, her scream of pain causing Alec to flinch as I smile in amazement, “So she wasn’t lying when she said she was a virgin.”

Misha begins to moan as she adjusts to my cock and much like every slut I have taken, she begins to enjoy me buried within her. My mind drifts back to Gabrielle as Misha begins to work her body on my erection, her moment of agony now overcome by the pleasure of my cock stabbing into her. I wonder briefly how Gabrielle will enjoy fucking me. She will be difficult at first and I can tell from her eyes that she is willful but that will make the taking of her so much better. When she fights me, there will be that moment of doubt until I finally overcome her and she is mine.

I lick my lips in anticipation as I know that it will be so different than the faceless whores who I fuck daily. The one that writhes on my cock now, came to me after only a few days in my parent’s employ. She saw that I wanted her and after a few words of seduction, she kissed me before she crawled between my legs and began to suck on my cock.

Alec sighs and holds the small package toward me, “Since I don’t know how long you will be, Nicky and I have other places to be, I want to tell you that I have found your ring.”

I nearly yell in surprise as he hands it to me and I open it, seeing the lovely diamond ring contained inside. It is brilliant but a nagging question comes to my mind, “How much was it, Alec?”

“Nearly $20000 American,” He responds while I put my free hand on Misha’s hip and begin to move her again.

“My Gabrielle is worth more than that.” I threaten as Misha experiences her first orgasm, her cunt clenching tightly around my cock. Misha falls back against me, her breathing erratic as she recovers from her climax. I stroke her hair as I whisper, “Very good, Misha. You are enjoying fucking me, yes?”

She nods and she rises before splitting herself on my cock as Alec responds to my statement, “Gabrielle is worth more but the selection in Romania is not what you would find in Paris. “

His words gloss over me as the fog from the rising turmoil in my balls takes me, my mind only concentrating on my pleasure. I lift Misha off of me and turn her around, wanting her to see me when I come. She leans her body against me as she continues to impale herself on my cock. Groaning, I reply to Alec, “I know, my friend, you have done well and Gabrielle will appreciate it when I bond her to me. I owe you a large favor, Alec.”

I hold out Misha’s left hand and slide the ring onto her ring finger. I take her hand and bring it close to my face, admiring its beauty and wondering if my wedding night will be like this when Gabrielle and I are joined. Alec watches me and I think I see a bit of lust cross his features before he says tersely, “I don’t understand why you do this, Nicky? You tell me you love Gabrielle but you insist on this behavior.”

“I do love, Gabrielle…I want to stick my cock in her cunt and make her scream…make her mine. But I am a man of needs and you know that one woman will never satisfy me. I promised her mother not to hurt Gabrielle but I cannot spend my life with just her.” I respond as my stomach muscles begin to go taut.

My hips begin to piston into Misha as my hands cover her firm breasts, my thumb and index finger scissoring around her nipples. With a loud moan, I push my cock deep inside of her and Misha cries out as I come. I pull her body toward me as my last few thrusts spill the last of my seed. I find myself smiling into her hair when the last of my tremors leave my body.

When I am done, I look at Alec and grin, noticing that he has become aroused watching Misha and myself. He licks his lips before he says plainly, “My favor you owe me, Nicky…I want Misha now…”

Smirking, I lift Misha off my lap, my cock slipping out of her as Alec removes his trousers. I smile as my normally dour friend is overcome with passion. Misha looks at me and I nod before she kisses Alec. I gaze at the two as they begin to make love and recognize that I left Gabrielle’s ring on Misha’s finger but as I begin to feel my erection begin to grow, I sigh in contentment as I realize that that it really doesn’t matter before I begin to stroke my hardness.
Taking HerCollapse )
I have followed Pierre Manners’ orders and stayed a discreet distance away from Babette Delacour and her daughter, Gabrielle. I have remained vigilant but have taken note of the behavior of the three persons who I have escorted to Hogsmeade.

It seems that Babette is at ease, once more so confident in herself and the place she has carved in society that she does not notice the small details around her like Pierre’s’ tension and Gabrielle’s sullenness. Pierre looks confident as usual but there is a strange detachment from Babette that I have never seen before. Normally, Pierre is her boot lick, the only one who can get close to the ice queen but now, he is curiously detached from his crèche sister. Gabrielle is upset, showing her youth again as she withdraws into herself, becoming more moody with each passing moment.

Of course, none of them notice me because I have chosen to remain hidden. Of course, somewhere deep inside, Gabrielle knows I am here and that I will always be there. She is growing by leaps and bounds but it seems that when she is around her mother, she reverts and becomes the petulant child again. She has outgrown her mother and bucks against the restraints her mother puts upon her even for the short while they are together now. She is a woman but her mother does not see that, thus Gabrielle becomes what her mother expects…the innocent child rather than the woman loved.

Yet, while my mind wanders, I watch the little girl I have watched grow throughout her life until I see her eyes drift longingly to the wooden sign that hangs over the door of Zonko’s, owned by the man who she has chosen to love and who loves her in return. I smile, overjoyed that I have played a part in bringing together these two lovers even though I know that I will never experience the intensity, the ferocity of their love, despite the fact, I have found a woman who loves me…accepts me…even with my past.

Taking a step out of the shadows, I decide to go into Zonko’s to warm myself and to see Fred Weasley, Gabrielle’s chosen. I still am able to keep an eye on Gabrielle through the window and watch as she wanders toward the candle maker’s shop across the way. But when I turn to find Fred, I am shocked to find another woman with him, sharing a space much too intimate with Fred. I step closer, hiding in the fireworks area as I observe Fred capture her wrists before they begin to talk.

“You mean all the things you never wanted with me when you proposed the ‘friends with benefits’ idea. I knew you just wanted to fuck me, Fred and at first I was hurt but I got used to the idea and now you’ve taken that away from me.” The woman laughs and I notice her dark skin, her smoldering eyes. She drops her head and begins to cry.

“I’m sorry, Angie but we both knew it just wasn’t right between us. We were good friends, good sex and nothing more. You’ve said it before.” Fred sighs and I realize that this is his former lover, Angelina Johnson.

“I know, Fred. It just hurt because you were always there for me when I came back and I miss the comfort of knowing you were there at home for me.” Angelina leans into Fred and he puts his arm around her waist, remaining a discreet distance away from her.

“It’s okay, Angie, you’ll find love soon. I know it because you’re wonderful and such a great person. Any man would be daft to turn you away.” Fred comforts her as his former lover continues to weep openly, her head resting on his shoulder.

Fred smiles and the young lady lifts her face toward his. She reaches up and caresses his cheek before it reaches behind the back of Fred’s head. She whispers so softly that she is barely audible, “Thank you, Fred. You’ve always been so kind.”

Fred grins at her and tries to shake her hand off of him but his attention is diverted by something in the window. When I follow Fred’s line of vision, I see Gabrielle standing there, away from the window, a look of shock and dismay sliding across her features. My eyes return to Fred and I watch as Angelina kisses Fred. He pushes her away immediately as he says, “No, Angelina. This can never happen. Do you understand? I am not that man.”

“I do know now, Fred. You have nothing for me. I never stood a chance because you love her so much.” Angelina cries again and I wonder if it is a ploy to get Fred to respond to her again.

“I told you, Angie. I gave her my heart.” Fred takes another step away from her as he speaks.

“Then I’m sorry about all this, Fred and I hope you’re happy.” She hugs Fred chastely and pulls away quickly before smiling. She touches his cheek again, “I hope we can be friends, Fred. We’ve known each other since I was eleven and I’d hate to lose that. I’m sorry again.”

When the girl walks out of the store, I walk up to Fred and demand, “Who is she?”

“Hello, Randelli…she’s Angelina Johnson. She’s the girl I told you about when we first met.” Fred looks stunned to see me as I emerge from around the shelves holding the fireworks. I look toward the window but no longer see Gabrielle.

“What did she want from you? Why did she kiss you?” I say menacingly, a hint of anger in my voice. I should get back to Gabrielle, but now I find out more about this encounter after seeing Gabrielle’s reaction.

“She wanted what we had before and she barely kissed me to see if I wanted the same thing but I pulled away.” Fred puts down the box he is carrying and leans against a display.

I still feel the tension rippling through my shoulders while I ask, “You would want these things?”

“Sure, but only with Gabrielle, the girl you met that night when we saw you and Phyllis outside.” He replies with a grin. He leans over and picks up the box again before locks my eyes with his before he says, “I love Gabrielle, Randelli and I’m going to marry her one day and we’ll have beautiful children just like their mother.”

“So, this Angelina, she means nothing to you?” I inquire, but I relax, knowing that Fred speaks the truth.

“Well, since you’re so interested in my love life. Angie is a friend and I think she understands that now. There will only be one woman I want for the rest of my life. None of the others interest me.” Fred stares at me again, more curious now that he has had time to recover from his initial shock.

I smile and move to the door after clapping Fred on the shoulder. I must find Gabrielle again and speak to her. Giving Fred a rare smile, I say, “That is good to know, Fred Weasley. Thank you for enlightening me.”

When I walk out the door, I am sure that Fred still watches me but I must resume my guard duties and I search for Gabrielle. I find her immediately, speaking in a harsh tone to her mother, "I want to go inside!"

Babette does not look happy and responds severely, "Are you raising your voice to me, young lady?"

"I'm not young," Gabrielle sounds defeated while Babette brings her hand to her cheek and I realize that Gabrielle has seen Fred and is now confused about his actions.

Gabrielle begins to shake…frustration over her mother’s callous attitude, fear over losing the one man she has loved, fury over the fact that Fred allowed himself into that situation. I know she wants to go to him but her Mother’s authoritative voice rings out, "Gabrielle, you are shaking. Come, let's go home."

I watch Gabrielle move quietly behind her mother and walk to the Apparation Point while Pierre walks beside them. I realize that I must find a way to tell Gabrielle that there was less to this situation than meets the eye and she must know that her Fred stayed true to her…
“I do not like him. He has an evil taint, Phyllis, and I know evil.” My lover paces back and forth across my bedroom floor. Omar returned a few minutes before 3 AM from observing Nicholas Paul Coza and the young woman he looks at as almost a daughter, Gabrielle Delacour.

“That is not your choice, my love. If she chooses this man, then that will be her decision.” I reply, sitting on the edge of the bed. But I know he is right, I watched Gabrielle and Coza after they came into my tea house. I wanted to tell him about Fred being in her life, to try to rid her of this boy, but her eyes pled with me, so I stayed my tongue. I knew the story of what went on from Omar, but I wanted to say something to keep this man away from this young girl I have come to love as I do Fred Weasley. The constant thump of Omar’s boots begins to irritate me, so I demand, “Take off the muddy shoes, Omar Randelli. This is still my home even though you share my bed.”

He finds his way to my dressing chair and sits before he unties his shoes and places them next to him. He removes his socks before he wiggles his toes and stands again, “Is that your impression, Phyllis? Do you believe that she would choose this Coza over Fred?”

“No, she loves Fred, but the Coza boy acted as if Gabrielle was already his and that frightens me,” I admit, tapping the bed next to me in invitation.

Omar walks over and with a painful groan sits beside me. He has spent the last two nights watching Gabrielle and her escort to see if there was any sign of improper behavior on Coza’s part, so this is the first time we have had an opportunity to discuss these latest events. But when Omar walked in the door, I could tell that he had taken an instant disliking to this Nicholas Paul Coza.

Omar turns toward me and I cup his chin, smiling softly at him. His brown eyes penetrate into my very being, opening me to him once more. I don’t know why he loves me. I’m too short, too stout, too ugly, my face too round. I’ve spent a lifetime helping others find love because I knew that it would never be my destiny. That is until Omar Randelli came into my teahouse.

It wasn’t like the lightning bolt searing me as many of those romance novels spout off about over and over again. No, Omar Randelli came in every day for three weeks and watched me, a lost soul alone among the many lovers who pass through my doors everyday. Maybe that is what attracted him to me. Maybe he saw that in my clumsy attempts to play matchmaker for every couple that sat at my tables, I was just as alone as he was in this world.

When he spoke to me for the first time, he was blunt, almost curt and in those brown eyes that now smile at me I saw hurt, sorrow and despair over the acts he has committed in his past. But I also saw hope. That day, he told me the story of Gabrielle and Fred as if he needed to bare his soul to someone...anyone. In his self-depreciating manner, he downplayed his part in their romance. But I knew when he spoke of them that he played a more important role than he cared to share with the world. In that moment, I fell in love with him because I knew I had found my kindred spirit…my matchmaker.

Omar Randelli is not perfect, but he’s honest and he loves me. He has spent a lifetime committing horrible acts at the command of others, but in one young girl, he has found his redemption and he protects her with an awe inspiring loyalty and love that Gabrielle will never fully appreciate. Not because Gabrielle looks down on Randelli…no, she loves him as she would an uncle or even her own father. But Omar Randelli never allows Gabrielle to see what he does because he fears that she will cast him away, thinking that he wants something more from her and he can’t stand the thought of losing the one he calls his faerie daughter.

“He is not good for her, Phyllis. I do not have the sight, but my gypsy instincts tell me he will hurt her.” I rub his shoulders as he removes his shirt. His upper arms ripple with muscle and the knots there are immense but I know he will relax under my touch. It seems that the women he loves have the ability to tame his beasts.

“What will you do if he does hurt her, Omar?” I ask, my voice barely a whisper as I let go of his shoulders. My heart cringes because I know that my lover is dangerous. He has told me many times of his acts as he cried on my shoulder, maybe for the first time in his life he has allowed the regret which has welled up in him to be displayed in front of another, and a woman at that.

“I will kill him.” His eyes go cold as he turns and looks at me while making this simple statement, and I know it’s true. But quickly his features soften while he brings his hands to his face, “I’m sorry Phyllis. You should leave me. I am much too evil for one as pure as you. I have done terrible things in my past and I fear that this Coza will force me to soil my hands again.”

He brings his hands away from his face as if they are tainted. He stares at them in horror before I pull his head to my shoulder. He begins to sob softly as I say in hushed tones, “I’ll never leave you, Omar. I love you. I understand you must do what you need to protect Gabrielle, you have given her your oath although she doesn’t know it. But when the time comes, you will make the right decision because it’s your heart and not someone else’s commands you follow now.”

“I do not know, Phyllis. Since I became Gabrielle’s guardian, I have tried to change my ways and now that you love me, I see a light, a goodness that I never saw before. I do not want to lose that.” I gently make him stand and help him to remove his trousers, my hands running over the sinuous muscles in his thighs, his calves.

His shoulders slump, his two days spent vigilantly watching Gabrielle and this boy leaving him exhausted. He moves to the other side of the bed and crawls in as I situate myself under the covers. After he gets in the bed, he continues, “I do not understand, Babette. She must see Coza’s lecherous stares, the way he looks to dominate Gabrielle. He has impure thoughts about her. I am sure because he left Faerie Ridge abruptly and found a woman who looked just like Gabrielle and Apparated away with her. He does not understand love, only the pleasures of the flesh.”

“Her mother must have her own designs and that is why you must watch Gabrielle. By the way, where is she now?” I ask, lying down next to him, running my hand over his flat stomach.

“Gabrielle is safe with Fred at Zonko’s. The two are not very modest and have put their bed in plain sight in the front of the flat. Anyone who walks by on the opposite side of the street and glances up will get an eyeful if it is nighttime…or the morning or anytime during the day.” He shakes his head and chuckles but I know that Omar would never give more than a cursory glance into their flat and tonight, he was forced to look in order to see if Gabrielle was safe. He turns toward me again, a look of deadly earnest in his eyes, “If there are unexpected developments, Phyllis, I will need to be there for Gabrielle. You understand that I may not be around very much until this is resolved. But know that I love you, Phyllis Puddifoot.”

“I know this, Omar, but you’ll return to me once your task is complete and I’ll help you in any way I can, my love.” I touch his face gently before he puts his head on my shoulder. His breathing soon evens and I smile while I think that this is my strong Gypsy, his soul cast adrift for his entire life, but now finding comfort in me. I know in the end, our love will turn him toward the good and when he walks along that path, I will follow him forever…
Slowly, I walk down the hall corridor my posture relaxed and I try to appear nonchalant until I come to her door. My hand reaches to knock, but instead a smile plays over my face as I take the doorknob and turn it, gaining admittance.

Making Her MineCollapse )

Sighing, I do not even bother to clean myself as I stand. I’ve already made my good byes to Babette and my future wife, so I pull on my trousers, a shirt, and my robe. I pick up my wand and cast a cleansing charm on the bed before I smile wickedly. My love will be in Romania, soon…she will be in my territory then and I’ll do with her what I please.

I make my way downstairs, dreaming delicious thoughts of my first night with Gabrielle. Making my way out of the castle, I pull my robes close as I prepare to Apparate to the part of England which Gabrielle called Hogsmeade. There I will find someone in her image to work out my aggravations. I am now the lion hunting prey and I won’t stop until I find my release.
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“Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you, Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't live without you; can't you see it in my eyes?”

“You’ve decided to let your hair grow longer again?” We haven’t been together yet a month but I notice the subtle differences about her. It’s something that is very easy to do. I touch her silvery-gold hair and wind a short curl on the end of my finger. “I can tell it’s getting longer now.”

“Oui, I miss my long locks,” she replies as she lifts her head from my chest. “But I am just as beautiful with short ‘air as I am with long. It is just zat I like ze option of using long ‘air in ze art of seduction.” And there is that lovely smile of hers...

“Ze art of seduction?” I’ve taken to joking with her about her accent. “I’ve never heard it put quite like that before.” Now I’m a goner for sure...

“Well, to ze Veela, yes, it is an art.” Whenever she speaks, I find it hard to pay attention to what she says because I’m too busy watching her lips. Soft and full and pink. What the hell was that about a Veela?

“To the Veela?” and then I get it, I understand. I realize why it is that she’s so achingly beautiful. Oh great Merlin! She’s a Veela! I’m done for... “You’re a Veela? Like whoa.”

“Oui, but only part Veela on my mère’s side. Her mère, my grand-mère, was a full Veela. One of ‘er ‘airs is ze ‘eart of my wand.” This doesn’t even phase her. Holy shite...she’s part Veela! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...hey...she’s part Veela...way to go Paddy...

“Wow...that explains why you’re so beautiful.” I stroke the back of her hair as I look away from her. “But it doesn’t explain why someone like you is with someone like me. Why aren’t you with someone...I don’t know, taller, better-looking, with broader shoulders, a smaller nose?”

“Because I want to be with you, Paddy, not someone else.” She takes hold of my chin and guides me to face her before she kisses me. “Besides, zere are not many who are prettier zan I. So why should I bozzer looking for zem? It would be a waste of my time.”

“That actually makes sense in a strange and warped kind of way.” She’s quite narcissistic, my lovely Fleur, but I can’t blame her. “Speaking of beautiful, when are you going to begin working for that beauty product line?”

“Zis week. I am meeting with one of ze owners of ze store zat carries ze line and we are going to meet with one of his consultants who owns anozzer company.” She smiles and I can tell she is excited about the prospect of this project, no matter how nonchalant she may act about it. “Well, actually, I theenk you know 'im. Fred Weasley? He danced with Gabrielle at ze wedding of Neville and Suzanne.” I nod and kiss her temple before I remind her how I know the Weasleys. She’s amused when I tell her that for a brief period of time Fred and George became Charlie’s charges at Hogwarts and therefore roommates for him and his friends. Her laughter bubbles up as I tell her that Headmaster Dumbledore insisted Charlie watch the mischievous pair as he was a Prefect at the time. Charlie wasn’t a Prefect after sixth year...

“It is very odd, how things in Great Britain always seem to involve ze Weasleys. Sometimes I theenk I will forever be ‘aunted by zat family in one form or anozzer,” she whispers as she traces a few of the freckles on my chest. Not quite as many as a Weasley...

“Do you miss him?” I ask. There’s no way around it. I know we haven’t talked about him yet, but we will have to eventually.

“Sometimes, yes, I miss him.” She gazes absently past me and I know she’s thinking about him. I can’t blame her; after all, he was her first love. And I am her current...love? Is that what I should call this? “I will not lie to you,” she continues as she suddenly looks at me, an expression of determination on her face. “But ze fact of ze matter is zat ‘e is to be ze one who misses me more zan I miss ‘im. Zat is ‘ow it should be. You see what I mean?”

“I understand exactly what you mean.” More than you realize, Fleur...more than you realize...
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Following DeRosa is simple as he trods his way down a crowded Diagon Alley. I watch as his head swivels from left to right, his eyes ineffectively looking for threats or danger. I reflect upon the fact that I was fortunate enough to find him as he idly stood in the field across from Gabrielle’s sister’s humble cottage. I had dropped by to check on Gabrielle, knowing that she would be at Fleur’s to continue her studies. Every day, I have visited her there, but I do not let her see me. She needs to become an adult, a grown woman, and her bodyguard’s presence would not help her on that path to independence.

But it is I, Randelli, who has followed her throughout her short life and I have come to think of her as my only daughter. Since her blood father died, I have been the only man in her life and she has confided in me her desires, those things that she wishes to accomplish in this life...that was until she met Fred Weasley. When we first arrived in Great Britain, Gabrielle became fascinated with a joke shop named Zonko’s, and I could not understand why she was so enamored with such a place. Soon, my curiosity overcame me and I went to the store to find out more about her strange attraction. It was then that I saw Fred and I knew that he was Gabrielle’s newest infatuation, but surely he could never be good enough for little Gabrielle. But then I took the time to know him...met him, and I discovered a man both generous and kind.

I come from a long line of Gypsies and even after my father made us settle in a small, remote village, we followed the Gypsy way...and as such, much of our belief is based in the concept of fate. I know that Gabrielle and Fred are destined to be together and I have done everything within my power to allow them to become one. So far, my labors have been successful, and now when Gabrielle stays with Fred I know she is safe. Besides, if she is in harm’s way, I spend most of my time in Phyllis’ tearoom and I can be at Zonko’s quickly.

They are destined to be together and it is my responsibility to make sure that nothing bad happens to either of them. That is why today I follow DeRosa. My mind snaps back to the present as he trails Gabrielle down the crowded Diagon Alley street. I notice a small camera in his hand and I realize his intent. As Gabrielle approaches the chairs outside Flourish and Blotts Bookstore, DeRosa takes a seat at a small café next to the bookstore and I settle-in a few tables back from him in the corner of the café patio, knowing that it will give me the best vantage point.

As I wait for this game to be played out, I reflect that throughout most of her life, I have stood stoically by while Gabrielle’s mother ran the little one’s life, choosing everything for her. Gabrielle has been forced to follow every rule, every edict, and it was left to me to enforce them. I always did what I was told, but as Gabrielle grew, I realized that she was terribly unhappy. I could do nothing to countermand the effect of her mother’s obsession when it came to her youngest daughter.

One day, when she was twelve years old, I watched while Gabrielle cried over her sister’s absence and it was then that I decided to try and make sure that her life would be one of happiness. Yet, it was not until Gabrielle walked into that silly little prank shop that I saw her smile…her true smile...the one that was ripped away from her after her father died. The task which I have now assigned myself is simple. I will make sure that her love…their love...will blossom, and one day, I will see them married with little ones of their own. I have seen their destiny and I have sworn protect Gabrielle and Fred’s future.

DeRosa perks up, nearly knocking over his coffee when a young black man strides up behind Gabrielle. His face looks familiar, his appearance bourgeoisie, and I instantly do not care for him. His hands wrap around Gabrielle’s shoulders as he leans over her. Gabrielle’s head, as usual, is in a book, and she unconsciously curls her hand around the young black man’s forearm. DeRosa brings the camera to his eye and I hear the shutter click as I watch Gabrielle smile, then turn and look at the young man in shock before pulling away from him.

“Celeste...,” the young black man moans as if in pain and now I recognize him. He was once one of Gabrielle’s mother’s ‘guests’. Gabrielle shakes her head and it seems as if she is going to leave, but instead the black man departs to wander aimlessly down the street after muttering his apologies.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I prepare to stand as DeRosa unloads the camera and puts the film in his front pocket. He pushes his chair back and grips the armrest before I hear a familiar voice cry out, “Hullo Gabs!”

I glance back at Gabrielle as Fred walks up and leans over her. His mouth crushes against hers as she stands and curls her arms around his neck. At any other time, I would be content to watch as the two young lovers embraced, but now there is much danger as I observe DeRosa load a new roll of film into the camera in time to capture the lovers’ kiss. I hear DeRosa laugh, a twisted, perverted sound, before he mutters, “Hehehehehe, Babette will reward me well for these pictures of her strumpet and her poor choice in men.”

DeRosa finishes the roll of film and stands as Gabrielle and Fred continue their lover’s embrace. I know that I must do my sworn duty, so I follow DeRosa and watch him turn into a camera shop on the Alley. DeRosa walks up to the counter and slides a few Galleons and the film across it to the clerk while saying, “I have two rolls of film that I need developed quickly. I need them within twenty minutes.”

The hungry clerk picks up the Galleons and the film before he runs into the back to develop the rolls. The clerk returns to the counter when he is done and hands the pictures to DeRosa who smiles widely and wickedly before saying, “These will do quite well.”

DeRosa greedily shoves the pictures into his pocket and exits the store. I allow DeRosa to slip past me before I am on his trail again. I know what I must do. As we approach the Apparation Point, I notice a small alleyway between two businesses and seize the chance to correct this situation.

I quicken my pace and when DeRosa crosses the alleyway, I take him, forcing him deep into the alleyway as I shove him roughly against a wall. I brace my arm across his neck, cutting off some of his capacity to breathe freely while he hopelessly struggles against me. His knee rises toward my groin but I block it before I take my free hand and draw it back to strike him in the stomach.

If not for my arm holding him up by the neck, DeRosa would have crumpled in pain. Instead, he looks up into my face, an indignant expression on his features as he hisses, “Randelli, what the fuck are you doing? Are you mad?”

Searching his pockets, I drag out both sets of pictures as he stares at me in horror when I put them in my coat. DeRosa’s arms flail and he whimpers, “Those are mine, you bastard. Babette will reward me.”

Sighing, I forcefully punch DeRosa in the face and watch as he slides down the wall. Kneeling in front of him, I whisper harshly, ”I do not seek the reward, DeRosa.”

“Babette suspects and she will send others, Randelli, and that little bitch will be caught with her Weasley.” DeRosa sputters frantically before I hit him again and watch his eyes waver and become unfocused. I then reach my hands around his neck and begin to squeeze before I loosen my grip. He is right; killing him will serve no purpose. Instead I grin cruelly as a plan for him forms in my head.

The Gypsy blood that courses through my veins has its many advantages. Growing up as one of the ‘lost folk’ made me tough, able to handle any situation; but it also gave me the opportunity to learn our magic, which is centered on and around the workings of the mind. Tales of the ‘far sight’ and ‘mind reading’ are true, but there is one form of Gypsy Magic prized above all others, and that is the ability to alter another’s thoughts…I am a master of this art.

Bending over, I grab DeRosa by the hair and jerk his head violently backwards. He cries out as I take my wand from its holster. Placing the tip against his head, I concentrate and soon the image of the young black man and Gabrielle forms in my mind.

...A light touch on the shoulder, a gentle response, his eyes capturing hers. Gabrielle remained completely innocent and after she left, I followed them to her sister’s where he kissed her hand and left. It was nothing, childlike, new, and your daughter acted as a lady. You should be proud...

“Do I make myself clear, DeRosa?” I demand and DeRosa nods his head dumbly. My thoughts are now his thoughts and he will relay them to Babette. Her curiosity will be sated…after all, Gabrielle is young and impressionable in her mother’s eyes. I have observed Babette and I know that she will accept Gabrielle’s innocent response to the pursuit of one Blaise Zabini without repercussions for Gabrielle. It does not matter to me what happens to Zabini, as long as Gabrielle is safe and happy. Meticulously, I pick out the pictures of Blaise and Gabrielle which will support the tale I have planted in DeRosa’s head, and gently place them in DeRosa’s pocket.

When I am finished, I pick up DeRosa and drag his limp body to the Apparation Point. Thankfully no one notices us, I am just an old man helping his drunken friend, and we do not attract much attention. When we arrive, I prop him against the wall before I walk away from him. I loudly snap my fingers, summoning him from his grogginess. I do not need to look back to know that DeRosa now is fully conscious; and like a good soldier, he will report to Babette soon. Smiling, I casually lean against a wall across from the Apparation Point and wait for DeRosa to leave. Gabrielle and Fred are safe for now...and a visit to Phyllis on my part is in order...perhaps she and I will sneak away into the storage room.

After all, is love not what this life is all about?